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How long can you feel sad?

This is the last "Ask Vic Extra" of the season


Chris from Lubbock, TX

It's like someone told me a riddle and the answer is nowhere to be found. I'm so confused as to how and why. It seemed like Seattle had to make so many improbable plays to win that game and they all occurred. I've never seen anything like it and it hurts. The three plays that bother me the most are the third-and-19 conversion allowed, the interception slide and the "Hail Mary" 2-point conversion. All three should have happened so differently.

Everybody is looking for a play to blame. You can blame any play that wasn't successful. For four months I got emails complaining about not throwing at Richard Sherman in the opener. OK, the Packers threw at him on Sunday and he intercepted it in the end zone. It cost the Packers three points. What would those three points have been worth at the end of the game? Mason Crosby's field goal would've been the game winner. So, blame the fans for wanting to throw at Sherman, right? Wrong! It doesn't work that way. You can't go back through the play-by-play and rewrite history. It's about crunch time. It's about making that one play late in the game that decides the outcome. The Packers had multiple opportunities to make that play. Why didn't they? Because it's a game, not a science. The human spirit rises and falls.

Tom from Blissfield, MI

Vic, I just wanted to tell you that reading your page has changed my life. I was one of those people that my family would leave the house when the Packers were on because I was yelling and screaming at the TV. I think you have taught me to relax; it's just a game. I was able to watch the game yesterday with my whole family and I didn't lose it. I do have a hole in my stomach today but it's going to be OK. Thank you for reminding me how to enjoy the game, again.

You lost the game but didn't lose your dignity, therefore, you scored a personal triumph and it feels good.

Richard from Lewiston, ME

When will we stop playing kill the clock against championship-caliber teams late in the game?

You want to be aggressive on offense late in a game in which your defense has yet to allow a point? That makes no sense. Hey, they threw a pass on third-and-4. It was dropped. Passes aren't completions. Completions are completions.

Brian from Sewell, NJ

This was a great game played by two great teams. It's a shame the season is over. I felt as though this was a team that could do it and ultimately the bounces didn't go our way. Time to get ready for the draft and get ready for next year.

Great game with six interceptions and a fumble? I will not put this in my great game category. It was memorable for the wrong reason.

Luigi from Loekken, Denmark

How long can you be sad?

I think we're going to find out.

Julian from Cali, Colombia

Vic, all I could think of yesterday was how you said the team that gets to 20 points first would win. When we were sitting at 19 for so long and they started their comeback, I thought could Vic be so accurate? Do we need one more point, one onside kick catch, one more first down?

I hate those headaches.

Lee from Sioux Center, IA

Vic, what was going on in your mind the last few minutes of the game?

I texted to a friend, "This game is going to come down to an onside kick." I hate onside kicks. I always have. They seem unfair. It almost seems like cheating. I'll tell you something else that's bothering me: This is the last "Ask Vic Extra" of the season. Midway through the fourth quarter of yesterday's game, you would've never convinced me that today would be the end of the road. I'm so sorry for the pain you all feel today.

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