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How many Packers in top 100 would satisfy you?

What's your favorite quarterbacks era?


Nikola from Maribor, Slovenia

Vic, who was the best rookie defensive back you remember, that came in his first year and played like he was in the league for many years?

Ronnie Lott and Darrelle Revis immediately come to mind.

Andrew from St. Louis, MO

Plays or players? Before the bye (eight games), the Packers were 32nd in yards allowed and 30th in yards per carry against the run. The final eight games, the Packers ranked fifth and sixth, respectively. Clay Matthews switched positions. More plays were made with the same players. There are at least 10 articles I read with this fact out there, including one on this very website.

More creative use of Matthews made a difference. Dom Capers deserves credit for what he did with that defense last season. I think he did a masterful job of utilizing the talent available to him, but Coach Capers would tell you it's still players, not plays, because the plays have to be executed. It's always that way because X's and O's don't move, only players do.

Corey from Tulsa, OK

I understand why you don't pay any attention to the media's view on player and team rankings and what not, but the top 100 players are ranked by the players themselves. So, the players think there are 59 better players than Eddie Lacy, and 50 players better than Clay Mathews. How can this be? Of course, we all know Aaron Rodgers will be No. 1, so I guess we have that to look forward to.

What would satisfy you, 10 Packers in the top 20 spots? There are a lot of good players in this league, and some of them play on teams other than the Packers. I love Packers fans' loyalty, but to understand and fully appreciate this kind of a feature, you have to remove yourself from your rooting interests.

Jody from Marion, IA

Vic, while covering football, which year's teams (Steelers, Jags, Packers) were the best teams and what made them special to you?

It was the 1978 Steelers team because it's probably the best team I've ever covered. The 1996 Jaguars were a true Cinderella. They almost went to the Super Bowl in the second year of their existence. Last year's team is my favorite from my years covering the Packers. It's the best. I thought it was going all the way.

Eric from Milwaukee, WI

Is America ready for a four-hour football game?

The NFL watches the time of game very closely, but at this point I think it's more about fitting these games within TV schedules than it is about losing the fan. I think America would watch football 24 hours a day if the NFL would provide it. I really mean that.

Ryan from Highland, IN

The average team should have three players on the NFL's "Top 100 Players of 2015" list. The Packers will have at least six, and they will have been voted by their peers, not a talking head somewhere. If that doesn't attest to the strength of this team, what does?

It's a strong team, no doubt. As for the list, I'm not all that impressed. I think a talking head might've done a better job.

Koigi from Lynchburg, VA

Vic, what does it say about a pro team like the Tampa Bay Lightning, who in the Stanley Cup finals, no less, telling fans of the opposing team they can't wear their favorite team's jersey in certain sections of the arena?

First of all, I think hockey calls them sweaters. Whatever, it's silliness. I just hope it doesn't cause somebody to take this seriously and instigate a fight.

Mary from Duluth, MN

Do you ever get tired of all the Packer-backers trolling for how good the team will be this year?

It's that time of year; anticipation of the new season overwhelms us. I think we all know the expectations are high.

Green Bay Packers team historian Cliff Christl names his Top 5 fullbacks in team history.

John from Union Grove, WI

In Cliff Christl’s latest article, he talks about three Packers running backs that began careers as fullbacks. In yesteryear, was this a common thing? Cut your teeth at fullback before getting to carry the ball?

In yesteryear, the fullback was often the featured ball-carrier. For example, in split backs formation, the fullback was the runner and the halfback was the blocker. Jim Taylor was a fullback, so were Jim Brown, Franco Harris and Larry Csonka.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, why would most people disagree with your assessment the NFL without a salary cap wouldn't be much different than the NFL with the cap?

Most people would say the rich teams would buy the best players in free agency. My response would be take a look at the track record of free agents.

Zack from Butte, MT

I was born in 1995. What was it like to not be so sensitive?

It was fun. People would joke with each other. They could talk about politics without insulting each other.

Darren from Kingston, NY

I think having the AFC West, the 49ers, Cowboys, Panthers, Cardinals and Seahawks will prime us nicely for the playoffs. What are your thoughts on the difficulty of our schedule?

It's strong, it's balanced and it's challenging. I'm not sure it's conducive for winning homefield advantage, but I agree it's the kind of schedule that tests and prepares a team for the postseason.

Tyler from Calhoun, GA

With all that has happened to Adrian Peterson the past year, what kind of season do you see him having?

He's got fresh legs and motivation. He could have a very big year, especially playing for a coach who wants to feature defense.

Trevor from Madison, WI

Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Rivers, Luck, Flacco, Roethlisberger and Wilson: In your opinion, has there ever been an era with as many great quarterbacks as the one we are currently witnessing?

Staubach, Bradshaw, Griese, Anderson, Jones, Stabler, Fouts, Tarkenton and Manning were pretty good. How about Marino, Montana, Elway, Kelly, Simms, Theismann, etc.? There have been a lot of good quarterback eras. It has to be that way for the game to be popular.

Tom from Sacramento, CA

If Cam and Aaron were to switch teams, which team would be better?

Aaron Rodgers would immediately make every team in the league better. He's the best.

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