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How many quarterbacks have no weakness?

Well, there goes another opening day of deer season


Kody from Layton, UT

The winless Raiders beat the Chiefs. We cannot forget that on any given Sunday anything is possible. We should not overlook the Vikings.

What about any given Thursday?

Marcus from Lynchburg, VA

Vic, if a head coach is not calling offensive plays, what role does he play during the game?

He plays the role of the leader of his team. I'm sorry, Marcus, but when I see a question like this, I get sad.

Owen from Green Bay, WI

Do you think the Packers defense can stop Brady?

He's playing for the Vikings now? Owen, I hear the gods. They're angry. What have you done?

Dave from Groton, VT

Are you surprised the weather was bad enough in Buffalo to move the game and day?

Have you ever seen The Shining?

Aaron from Dallas, TX

The other day, you said Aaron Rodgers has no weakness. What other quarterbacks in the history of the NFL can you say this about?

Unitas wasn't mobile. Bradshaw was bad at checking it down and dumping the ball to the backs. Manning (the one with one Super Bowl title) sacks himself. Brady ran bad at the combine. Montana didn't have a great arm. Namath had Bette Davis knees. Marino was less mobile than Unitas. Baugh cursed too much. Stabler smoked. When Layne wasn't smoking he was drinking. Elway had it all; maybe Graham and Staubach, too.

James from Chicago, IL

I hate it when the Packers play at noon on the opening weekend of deer season. I have to miss the game because I don't miss opening weekend for anything. Sunday night I'll look forward to reading yours and Spofford's coverage of the game.

Do you know how many opening days I've missed?

Jim from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Did help arrive?

It's not on the way.

Eric from Denver, CO

The No. 8 pass offense versus the No. 8 pass defense; I love the confrontation. Are the Packers better than that rating?


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