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How will Seahawks stop Aaron Rodgers and Packers?

Bruce Irvin sounds off on opener


Zach from Woodstock, IL

Vic, did you know the Seahawks are the only team not penalized for defensive holding during the preseason? I'm not sure this emphasis is going to weaken them as much as might be thought.

I didn't know that. Can somebody verify this information?

Jason from Summerville, SC

"We're going to beat 'em straight up this time." That comment is from Bruce Irvin of the Seattle Seahawks. Although I don't want to take anything away from a team winning a game, it does seem some players in Seattle also feel the outcome to the "Fail Mary" game should have been different.

If we had a full week of hype, this could be fun.

Freddie from Salisbury, England

Vic, how does the Seahawks defense stop Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense?

I'm guessing they'll use a game plan similar to what they used against Peyton Manning and the Omaha Broncos.


Martin from Tisovec, Slovakia

I can start to feel the tingling. When you board the plane for Seattle, how do you prepare for the game?

They have these little fruit cups outside the plane door as you board. I really like them.

Ross from Stephenson, MI

Printed your Ten Commandments (of Fan Behavior and Attitude) as a reminder.

Don't forget the Fourth Commandment.

Alan from Green Bay, WI

Vic, do the coaching staffs from the other 30 teams watch a game like this Thursday night's as a group and comment to each other?


Patrick from Alexandria, VA

I may be a little old school, Vic, but are pickles and pickle juice good tonic to prevent cramps? Do you remember such in the days gone by?

Yeah, I remember, but the pickle juice created other problems.

Thomas from Saint Paul, MN

You said people need to keep Madden separate from actual football. I noticed your "5 Key Matchups" article is sponsored by Madden.

I've changed. I am now officially a big Madden fan. It's professional football.

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