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Hunt Joins Mini-Camp, Issues Apology


Cletidus Hunt didn't want to go into detail about the "personal issues" that caused him to miss three days of the Green Bay Packers' June mini-camp last week.

But after joining the Packers' voluntary workouts Monday, the sixth-year defensive end did express remorse for his absence.

"I want to start by apologizing to my coaches, teammates and my fans out here," Hunt said from Clarke Hinkle Field after the Packers' practice. "(Missing camp) was a letdown. Some last-minute personal issues came up that I had to attend to and to see to it that I got through with it. And I'm not the kind of guy that misses camp at all.

"I just send my apologies out and hopefully everybody accepts them. I'm here and I'm willing to bust my ass to make up for it -- do whatever I have to do."

According to GM/Head Coach Mike Sherman, all Hunt has to do to prove himself is demonstrate his commitment to the team through his behavior on and off the field.

While pleased by Hunt's return, Sherman said he was still disappointed Hunt missed any portion of the camp at all -- voluntary or not.

"There's no reason (to miss camp) that's acceptable in my mind unless there's a death in the family," Sherman said. "(June mini-camp) is voluntary, but I think there's an unwritten rule in our camp that you need to be here and help us get to where we want to go."

The only other player with an unexcused absence from camp has been disgruntled cornerback Mike McKenzie, who is boycotting the Packers' offseason workouts as part of his recent trade demands.

Hunt gave no indication whatsoever that his absence was linked to any discontent with the team. Instead, he repeated his frustration that he'd missed practice time.

Sherman, meanwhile, said he is willing to move on. But he also indicated that Hunt will have to re-earn his trust.

"You have to move forward," Sherman said. "I'm not someone who hangs on the past very long, as long as there's a bright future. And I think there is. ...

"He told me he was committed, because I had my questions. And hopefully he is. But I can't answer that until I see him play."

Hunt is coming off a 2003 season in which he had 46 tackles and four sacks, both marks just shy of his career bests of 48 tackles and five sacks, established in 2002.

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