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Hurricane Threatens Safety Of Packers' Family Members


Several Packers expressed concern about family and friends living in the southeastern portion of the United States ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Linebacker Ray Thompson, who spends his offseason in New Orleans, just wants to contact his immediate family. He could not reach his mother, grandmother, aunts and uncles on their cell phones.

"I'm just waiting to hear their voice," he said. "I'm just praying for the best."

The storm came ashore Monday morning just east of New Orleans. Winds topping 140 mph destroyed street signs, tree branches and roof debris and countless other objects.

Thompson's brother and two of his cousins left the city, but a trip to Texas took nine hours because of traffic congestion.

Many of Javon Walker's friends also traveled to Texas. Walker attended St. Thomas More High School in Lafayette, La.

"They got out of there," he said. "Hopefully they made it out of there safe."

Safety Mark Roman's immediate family lives in Baton Rouge, La. Roman talked to his Mom over the phone. She refused to leave her home.

"She said 'I'm 69 years-old. I ain't going nowhere. That hurricane won't come get me,'" he said. "She's alright, and everybody in my family is alright as far as I know."

Roman talked to his 10-year-old son, who lives in New Iberia, La., last night. His household has received a lot of wind and rain but remains safe for the time being.

The storms left at least 500,000 people without power from Louisiana to Florida's Panhandle, including 370,000 in southeastern Louisiana and well over 100,000 each in Alabama and Mississippi.

Much of Brett Favre's family remained in Kiln, Miss. Favre has contacted them but remains very concerned.

Unable to leave the city, 10,000 New Orleans residents -- including friends and family of wide receiver Robert Ferguson-- took shelter at the Louisiana Superdome, the stadium used by the Saints.

"That's on your mind," Ferguson said. "You worry about people, especially the elderly people."


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