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I'll take another look on Sunday. Read Vic's Chat

Packers.com Editor Vic Ketchman conducted his weekly Friday chat


Happy New Year, everybody!

Comment From Guest

Happy New Year Vic, my 6 year old son, would like to know how you think the cold will effect the game Sunday.

The greatest impact could be on special teams. Kicks won't fly as far, There'll be more returns.

Comment From Curtis

Do owners really listen to the fans about firing a head coach?

In the franchises that have tickets for sale? Yes.

Comment From Jessica

Is there any chance of Montgomery coming back for the playoffs? Or is he done for the season?             

He's on IR. He's done.

Comment From Steve

Happy New Year, Vic! The Vikings rush defense is rated a little better than the Packers right now, but historically Lacy seems to be at his best in cold weather. Advantage Lacy on Sunday?

Adrian Peterson is pretty good.

Comment From Lisa T

What position do you think they will go after in the draft?

*I think WR is a good guess.         *

Comment From Jeff

After witnessing the Arizona game first hand, it sure appears our offensive line has to be healthy for either our run plus passing game to be effective. What is the overall health of our line Without a healthy line, Rodgers is a sitting duck.

*Coach McCarthy spoke optimistically this morning. Are they healthy or just gutting it out? I don't know,            *

Comment From Guest

Who would be GM Ketchman's HC, OC and DC if he could select anybody?

*It takes weeks to make those kinds of decisions. I would include candidates within the Packers.            *

Comment From Guest

How do we put up another win this week?

Run the ball, stop the run.

Comment From Guest

OSU 14 -- ND 0, 2nd qtr. What's happening to your beloved Irish, Vic?

Here's a better question: Where was Ohio State last night?

Comment From Sam

If we lose on Sunday, we will have been swept by the NFC North at home. Is Lambeau not as loud as it used to, or our team not as good as it used to?

As good as last year's team? I thought last year's team was the best team in the league. Maybe we didn't appreciate it fully.

Comment From Steve

Alabama or Clemson?

Clemson's finesse vs. Alabama's power. I always favor power.

Comment From Joe

How good is Saban, in your opinion?

*The best coach in college football. Alabama plays football the way football should be played. *

Comment From Ann Marie

This year is over. The Packers lost too many key players. They refuse to look into free agency. This will be TT's demise.I also believe coach McCarthy may have out stayed his welcome.

*Life's not that bad, Ann Marie. Happy New Year!            *

Comment From Jane

Vic, you might try dapper. It would go great with your silver hair.             

Dapper's not my thing. I'm an eclectic/outdated dresser. It feels right.

Comment From Matt

Do you have your big-game khakis's ready to go for Sunday?

*I have gameday khakis. I've worn them all year,. They're beginning to tear at the corners of the back pockets. I like it.           *

Comment From Guest

What are the challenges involved in possibly playing the Vikings 2 weeks in a row?

It's not that they solve your scheme, it's that they get a feel for the one-on-ones and how they might win them. Of course, so do the Packers.

Comment From Steve

Can a team increase its talent level without drafting high or breaking the bank?

If you're not getting better, you're getting worse because the competition is getting better. All teams increase their talent level in the draft.

Comment From Ryan

Madden is famously scared of flying. Have you ever covered a coach or player that was terrified of traveling?

I can remember a few. Lambert wasn't crazy about it. We had a rough return flight from Arizona. For the first time in my life, I was scared on an airplane.

Comment From Jared B

Is the ability to separate against man coverage a teachable skill or something that comes with time? It seems to be the greatest challenge facing the Packers right now.

There's technique that helps receivers separate. It's taught.

Comment From Herb

Do you think the LB of old such as Lambert, Butkus and Ray Nit could compete today with the speed of the game

*I didn't cover Butkus and Nitschke, but Lambert could run. He could cover a lot better than the ILBs that play today. A lot of them leave the field for nickel on passing downs. New doesn't mean faster. The old guys are stereotyped as having been slow. They weren't. Every team in the league had a speed receiver.      *

Comment From GeorgeM

I just wanted to say 'Thanks Vic' for all you've taught us. Even this week, your explanation of route running was something many alluded to but nobody has truly explained.

I think we spend too much time trying to learn the nuances of the game. The scoreboard tells us all we need to know. No team is poorly coached.

Comment From Thomas

It appears that our QB is playing sub par, our receivers can't get open, our young receivers can't run routes right and our red zone offense is pathetic. What do all those areas have in common?

Why do I think you have an answer?

Comment From Robert

What do you make of this ND/OSU game? I think there's as much pro talent on the field for this game as there will be for the national title game, if not more.

*Notre Dame will be next season's preseason No. 1.       *

Comment From Ann Marie

What are the Packers chances of going deep into the playoffs?

*I didn't like what I saw last week. I'll take another look on Sunday.        *

Comment From 77Vetter

Vic I hope we dont rely on trickery and hard counts this week, we need to execute and beat the man in front of you

*A part of me thinks all the problems began when all of that free play stuff began. I don't like it. Line up and play.               *

Comment From Robert

Did you get a chance to see Baylor at all this year? They have a WR and DT that would both look great in GB.

*You find football players where you find football players. I found a defensive lineman early this season at SC State.               *

Comment From Jared B

I think Thomas may have been alluding to the fact that many of the Packers problems right now are on the offensive side of the ball. Perhaps it was his tongue-in-cheek way of blaming Mike McCarthy and/or Aaron Rodgers? The fans have not handled adversity very well this season.           

*The whining has been over the top. I'd like to see some toughness in the inbox, too.   *

Comment From Cole

I would love to hear your thoughts about my question regarding Davonte Adams and other players stepping up :)               

*I'm in favor of it.             *

Comment From Robert

Toughness? We're fans. We're just supposed to watch.

*And whine?      *

Comment From Hank

Stop whining about the fans, Vic.

*OK, I will. Will you stop whining about 10-5 and playing for the division title?  *

Comment From John EEE from Jct City, WI

whine all you want, but keep Lambeau green and gold not purple for this game

*If I see a sea of purple on Sunday, don't go there.           *

Comment From Samarth

Do you think Jordy Nelson is the reason why we aren't doing that good this season? I don't think so, but it would be nice to see your thoughts on it.

*It was a big loss. Losing Montgomery made it worse.    *

Comment From Gretchen

It's just been hard to see a team full of talent under-perform. We're spoiled and have high expectations, but it's still hard.

I think we need to define under-perform.

Comment From Chadd

College football is seeing a lot of blowouts this Bowl season, including two going on right now. Do you think this is a result of the long layoff from the end of the regular season and these bowl games?

I see teams that appear to be disinterested. Too many meaningless bowls? Why are the rivalry-week games so good and the other games so bad?

Comment From Mark

What's wrong with Notre Dame today Vic?

I'm working. I haven't seen one play of it.

Comment From Guest

Vic, if the first goal of a team each year is to make the playoffs and they succeed, would you consider the season to be a disappointment without a Superbowl win?

OK, this is where I stand. I think this coaching staff has done a great job getting 10 wins out of a season that included a one-win November and a lot of bad statistical rankings. No. 31 in yards per pass play? That's a difficult stat to overcome in today's game. The Packers hit head winds this season none of us predicted. At this late point in the season, you are what your rankings say you are. It's not under-performing. What this staff has done is found ways to work around those deficiencies. A lot of fans are so tied to their expectations they can't see reality.

Comment From Ann Marie

All that said whats missing?

*Jordy Nelson and Ty Montgomery, for starters. That's the way it goes. You have to work around those losses, The Packers have, They've won 10 games! Why can't we understand that? *

Comment From Stacey

It sounds to me like you are trying to sell us on an inferior product. This team went 6-0 to start the year. That was the team that got us into the playoffs. Since then, the Packers are 4-5. The team we see now, does not have the identity of a playoff team.

I'm not trying to sell you on anything. I'm sharing my opinion with you. I'm trying to help you enjoy the season, but you don't have to do it my way. It's your choice. With that, I will now move off this subject because, frankly, I'm beginning to wear out.

Comment From Tom

Rest as many starters as possible against the Vikings, and then go to Washington and win.

Oh, Tom.

Comment From Joe

Happy New Year, Vic. I hope for your sake we win Sunday night. I can take Monday off but you can't.

I accept whatever happens.

Comment From Guest

We're here to enjoy this chat with you, Vic. The game will take care of itself on Sunday.


Comment From Randy

You've been around this game so long. Wondering if how this season is playing out for the Packers reminds you of any other season for a team you've covered.

This one is unique. It's setting records for angst.

Comment From Guest

Did Aaron Rodgers throw the gauntlet down when he said the team would show up for the important games? I'd say this Sunday is an important one.              

It wasn't a gauntlet comment. It was an innocent attempt to communicate with the fans and comfort them. Every word is being challenged.

Comment From Andy

Any trick plays in store for Sunday?


Comment From Bob

How many teams use zone blocking today?

Most do. It's the popular scheme in al of football, and I think it's one of the reasons most teams are struggling in short yardage.

Comment From Christian

Vic, my 7 year old daughter, Ellia, wants to know who you think the best football player in the whole world is?

What a great question. I don't know the answer. If Tom Brady wins another Super Bowl, it's him. Thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoy the game on Sunday.

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