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I'm in the mood to take the ball. Read Vic's Chat Editor Vic Ketchman conducted his weekly Friday chat


This could be the greatest chat in the history of the world. Let's go!

Comment From Kevin D.

What's your take on this Dez Bryant and reporter situation?

Why is it news?

Comment From Don

My guess is the Packers are looking at a hard fought division win here, but the identity of this team will start to come out against Minnesota. What are your thoughts?

*Bingo!  *

Comment From #36 Leaper

Hi, Vic. I saw a lot of Packers huddles last week. Was it simply a sign that the offense didn't get the defenders they wanted to keep on the field or was it being more deliberate in their pace?          

*It was probably both. The Packers have a third-down, TOP problem. I know no-huddle doesn't mean hurry up, but it's natural for a team with a TOP problem to be more deliberate.          *

Comment From Amos

Coughlin vs Bellicheck. Who is your pick this week?

*Coughlin.           *

Comment From Tom

Is having 15 players on the injury report a record?

*The Patriots and Colts listed just about everybody on the team one year as a protest to new rules or a fine or something.        *

Comment From Ray

Do you ever go to the ORIGINAL Primanti's in Pittsburgh, and if so, what's your favorite sandwich.

I love the one with everything on it. It's fabulous, but it's also ridiculous.

Comment From Larry

Do you think we should go to a more hurry up offense to change some thinks up?

Whatever it takes, but mostly it's going to take blocking, tackling, covering, etc. You can't trick yourself into doing those things.

Comment From Bill

Vic, did you see the "Color Rush" uniforms last night? Word going around is that all teams playing Thursday nights next year will wear them. Will Murphy be able to veto that if we have a Thursday game?

Someone at lunch said they'll be mandatory.

Comment From Chris

Vic - You tend to let your gut sway your outlook on things. What is it saying for the game on Sunday?

I feel the kind of tension you're supposed to feel for a game at this time of the year. It's healthy. The Lions match up pretty well. I don't sense a walk in the park. I expect that come the fourth quarter, our hearts will be in our throats. That's the way it's supposed to be.

Comment From John

What are your thoughts on the captain the Bills sent out last night (one being the guy who broke Geno Smith

I didn't like it. It was a little too much showmanship for me. I love this game and the men who play it. I love both too much to show either disrespect.

Comment From JSC

Some fans have said Aaron is being too tentative with the ball. Do you see any validity in that at all?

You could say that of any quarterback not playing his best football.

Comment From BCVegas

What problems will we focus on if the team wins the next 6 in a row?

We need to stop thinking in such far out terms. It's what gets us in trouble with our expectations. Packers fans set themselves up for hurt. This is a different kind of fan base. It has a tremendous fear of losing. I identified that early and it's why I spend so much effort at trying to relieve the pressure. We need to enjoy football more fully, and that includes the games that don't go our way.

Comment From Paul

From your stories, Joe Greene seems to be a thoughtful, introspective man off the field. Any current players remind you of Joe in that sense?

*Charles Woodson reminded me of Joe. I would've liked to have spent more time with Charles.                             *

Comment From Michael

What improvement are you the most hopeful to see in the Packers this Sunday?

*If they don't improve third-down conversions, it's going to be the same old same old. The Packers have a 35-minute TOP deficit in the last four games. You can't win that way.         *

Comment From Tyler

If Vic was in charge of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, who would he have perform?...and the ever popular surprise performer(s)?

*I don't ever think I've watched a halftime show, especially if it's the Super Bowl.          *

Comment From Lonny

Talking with crowds, have you kept your virtue? Walking with Kings, have you kept the common touch?

When you come from Natrona, you never have to worry about losing your common touch.

Comment From alex

What do you normally do during the halftime show of the Super Bowl?

*In Florida, I'd go outside, take the dogs for a walk, sit on the porch and smoke a cigar. I watched it from Green Bay last season, so I probably changed the channel. This season, I'll be covering the Super Bowl, so I'll find some guys in the press box I know and talk to them. They don't watch either.        *

Comment From Chris

Which team/year had your favorite Super Bowl run that you can remember?

The 1978 Steelers and Super Bowl XIII are my favorites. The game was sensational; all those Hall of Famers on one field. I was young and impressionable. Everything was new and exciting.

Comment From JSC

Do you think there should be cold-weather Super Bowl destinations?

I'm opposed to them.

Comment From Randy

Is there any way to turn back the clock, so players and coaches feel safer in saying the colorful things that once made covering them so unpredictably interesting?


Comment From Marc

Vic, do you ever get tired of some of the people that participate in your weekly Ask Vic chat ??

*Never. I love this. The questions have gotten much better. I dislike questions that begin with "How much ...." I don't know how much. I like direct questions. *

Comment From Bill

"I'll be covering the Super Bowl" Do you mean, for, regardless of whether the Packers are in the game? Or are you expressing confidence that they'll win the NFC?

I mean for because the Packers will be in it.

Comment From Ian

What was one of the best superbowls you have watched or covered

There have been several in recent years. Saints-Colts, Giants-Patriots twice, Steelers-Cardinals, Patriots-Seahawks were all off the charts.

Comment From Vic

Now that's what we like to her Vic- that the Pack will be in the Superbowl! Well done! I feel much better!

*I want it to happen for several reasons. This is a two-win team, quarterback and coach. The quarterback is a lock for the Hall of Fame. One more SB win will make Coach McCarthy a lock, too. I want him in, He belongs. He's a great coach. I also want to define my years in Green Bay.       *

Comment From Sean

Accept or defer on Sunday?

On Sunday, I think I'd take the ball. I'm in the mood for a little offense.

Comment From JayGB

Who would you guess the 2nd starting ILB will be on Sunday?

*Ryan; it's a guess based on a gut feeling.             *

Comment From Jumbo

Kudos for an amazing website, Vic. used to just be a nice supplement for my Packers fix, but nowadays I keep it open in a tab all day for each and every update and can't imagine bothering with another resource.

We thank you. A lot of people work tirelessly on this site. I've never been prouder of something to which I've contributed.

Comment From Joe

Take the ball down the field and score,energize the crowd!!!!!

Score and challenge the defense to not allow a score. I guess I'm getting emotional, too. This time of year does it to me.

Comment From #36 Leaper

Has Spoff been warned to keep his junk in his own area in the press box Sunday?

*If his stuff touches my mouse one more time, I'm gonna wave my terrible towel right in his face.          *

Comment From Dan

We all know Calvin Johnson, who is the player to look out for on the Detroit defense?

Ziggy Ansah. If he isn't blocked, he can disrupt.

Comment From JSC

Is Matthews in his prime?           

*It don't get more primer. I'd sure like to see him coming off the edge more often.        *

Comment From tghn

Do you think the 24/7 coverage of every sport will ever get to be too much? Do you see the networks backing down?

There is no sign of it ending soon.

Comment From Gabor

Do you think Gene Steratore can enter the Hall of Fame?

His father is a Hall of Fame official back home. His specialty was basketball.

Comment From Evan

Vic, I live in Iowa (but I am not a Hawkeye fan) and all I hear about is how the Hawkeyes are disrespected. Shouldn't a team be in the mix more often than Iowa to be "disrespected?" It's wearing on me.

*I have great respect for that program. You'll have your chance against Ohio State.         *

Comment From Jake from Minneapolis

Coach Vic, how do you get Eddie Lacy back on his horse?             

Eddie might just need to get away from the pressure of being the featured back for a while.

Comment From Brad

Have you ever spilled coffee on a pair of khakis and ruined them?

Nothing ruins khakis. They're supposed to have stains.

Comment From Balaji

What's your opinion about getting rid of offensive false starts? What's the reason behind false start penalty?

I'd like to go back to the old rules: defense can jump all it wants, but the offense can't move of it's a penalty.

Comment From Jeff P

Vic, last week we talked about shutting down Carolina's run game and we made Cam beat us with his arm. Whats the game plan this week against Detroit?

Stop the pass. The Lions are No. 32 in rushing.

Comment From Guest

Just one more thought on my previous comment--and this is coming from a homegrown fan whose parents gave away free backyard parking for the home games in the 70's and 80's: I think what you're missing is an understanding--and I mean a true understanding, of football culture in Green Bay. I'm sure you THINK you DO understand football culture in Green Bay, but as good a reporter and analyst as you are, there's just something you're missing. You're like a Francofile who doesn't speck French.

*You and others want me to believe it's more important here than it is anywhere else. That's just not true. It's just as important in a lot of places. The highmindedness is becoming an excuse.     *

Comment From Jake from State Farm

What did you think of Mike Zimmer's postgame comments in regards to Jeff Fischer and Greg Williams?

*It's better to hold it in, but it's difficult to do because coaches have emotions, too. Everybody has a personality that's unique to them. I think we need to make allowances for those differences.         *

Comment From tghn

I wouldn't care if this was a 1 point win, as long as the Packers start playing the way they are capable of playing

I'm not sure I believe that.

Comment From Dave

As your a fan of the colorful older AFL uniforms, how did you like the Color Rush uniforms last night? Are the Packers going to be forced to participate?

*I'm OK with them.          *

Comment From Andrew

What would a Packers Color Rush uniform look like?      

I guess it would be all green, all yellow or all white.

Comment From Sam 

How would you describe football to a blind person?

*I would be more interested to hear their description of it. The most beautiful I never saw was from my back porch when I was a kid. My high school team was playing its cross-river rival. I was ill and couldn't go to the game, and I sat on the porch and listened to the crowd scream and the fight songs and I knew exactly what the final score was when the newspaper hit the door step the following morning. I'll never forget how much I loved football that night.   *

Comment From Sean 

I tell you, they should change the name to Entitled Town because this 'greatest fans' thing got old about a zillion years ago. Do Pittsburgh fans have as little appreciation for the year-to-year quality they are able to watch, despite not winning the Super Bowl every year? I know the fans hurt when they lose there as well but it seems we've become sick with expectation rather than abundant in appreciation. Were you accused of not understanding the culture in Pittsburgh? Or did they realize you had a job to do that had nothing to do with the actual results?

The Pittsburgh football culture made it easy to explain what happened. In their world, it's either we kicked their butt or they kicked our butt. All I had to do was play on that theme. In Green Bay, everything is about scheme. This is the greatest place in the world to be a player because it's never their fault.

Comment From Guest 

Rally the same old recycled garbage

*Explain.               *

Comment From Guest 

Your stories

I'm very sorry you feel that way.

Comment From Guest 

same in the column       

OK, Guest.

Comment From Tom 

Vic, in two adjectives, describe Sunday's game? I like your stories.

Important, tense.

Comment From Jake from Minneapolis 

Vic, is the NFL becoming too expensive for the average fan?

Yes, and it's a problem. The Packers are very sensitive to it.

Comment From Shawn 

Describe nostalgia

It's what you feel when the present isn't as pleasant as the past. It happens to all of us. There's nothing wrong with a healthy dose of the past. It lets us know we've lived well.

Comment From BrianM 

What is your most painful sports memory?

It's the Sid Bream play at the plate. My oldest son was really into that team. Baseball was of immense importance to him. His hurt that night was indescribable. He was just a kid and I hurt for him. I would've done anything to change that moment for him.

Comment From Sean 

It's apparent you relish your time with the Steelers and the relationships you created professionally. What is your most memorable fan interaction in your 40-plus years of covering the NFL?

It's here or in Jacksonville. I didn't have much fan interaction in Pittsburgh. The means for it wasn't available as it is today.

Comment From Mitch 

Have any players ever made comments to you about Ask Vic?

Marcus Stroud loved it. So did Mike Peterson and Fred Taylor. Fred did a couple of columns while I was on vacation.

Comment From Juan 

Was Fred Taylor one of the most underrated players in the NFL?

Not that Dave Robinson is in the Hall of Fame, Fred might be the most underrated player in NFL history. I'm going to make every effort possible to lobby to get Fred into the Hall of Fame.

That's all for today. Let's do it again next Friday. I can't wait.

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