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I'm throwing out the stats for this one

Seattle at Philadelphia is Sunday headliner


Mike from Lansing, IL

Vic, I don't really know anything about the Falcons this year. I don't think they're as bad as their 5-7 record might indicate but, with that said, they are ranked last in pass defense. What have they done to earn this ranking?

As I was writing my "10 things" editorial and doing a hard statistical review of the Falcons, I was dumbfounded by their rankings on defense. The Falcons have really struggled on defense this year. The statistical comparisons to the Packers tilts the field so dramatically for the home team that it almost bothers me. That's why I'm throwing out the stats for this one. I refuse to believe the Falcons are what they're numbers say they are. Hey, they won in Arizona last week. That's who they are right now.

Daniel from Sugar Land, TX

Vic, specifically, what are some things a coach does to make sure his team gets hot at the end of the season? The only thing I can think of is being conservative with injuries until that point.

A coach has to be a manager of injuries and his team's health; there's no question about that. Aside from that, getting hot, in my opinion, is a matter of establishing a season-long focus that intensifies as the postseason nears.

Graham from Ashwaubenon, WI

Vic, what has to happen for the Falcons to (heaven forbid) upset Green Bay on Monday night?

Force turnovers. That's how upsets occur.

Brenda from Waurika, OK

Vic, I'm curious about how the change occurred from QBs calling their own plays to coaches or coordinators calling them, and when it happened.

As playbooks deepened, play-calling became less and less the responsibility of the quarterback. The rules changes of 1978 drove the game toward an emphasis on strategy and play calling. The helmet communicator sealed the deal.

Erik from Lake Mary, FL

Watching Aaron in the locker room interviews, I noticed he can remember games that happened four years ago as if they happened yesterday, going though it play by play. How is that possible? I can't remember what I ate for lunch yesterday. Is this a characteristic of elite quarterbacks, or is it just him?

It's a characteristic of all quarterbacks, some more than others. I've never known a quarterback with greater recall than Byron Leftwich. I guess it's why they're quarterbacks.

Jon from Cheyenne, WY

What games interest you on Sunday?

The Seattle at Philadelphia game is the headliner. That's a beauty. The other games pale by comparison.

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