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Is Aaron Rodgers being wrongly blamed?

You have to win the one-on-ones


Scott from Appleton, WI

Vic, your December friend showed up pretty abruptly yesterday. That was pretty rude of him.

December is a demon. It dominates your thoughts, your life. It defines your existence. It determines your happiness. I love December. Bring it to me!

Scott from Ann Arbor, MI

Liked your column on tight coverage, but what was different yesterday was that there was little sustained pressure. Both Detroit and Seattle got after Rodgers. Is it truly just great coverage or is it home-team, non-call holding? Couldn't tell from the broadcast. Either way, with the kind of time he had yesterday, Rodgers usually still beats tight coverage.

It was the same for both teams. Beat it!

Neil from Thunder Bay, Ontario

First of all, I would like to express my sincere sorrow on hearing about Fuzzy Thurston's passing. I never was able to see him play but was well aware of his Packers legendary status.

When I was a kid, the words "Kramer and Thurston" meant Packers sweep. It meant the best guards in football pulling out in front of Hornung and Taylor. The pages of history yellow with time, but not for those that experienced them. Fuzzy Thurston is one of the great guards in the history of this game. He gave his life to it. I am in awe of his football career and saddened by the hard times through which he had to live.

Marty from New Richmond, WI

How did Aaron manage to throw so many balls to receivers who were not expecting the ball? This was not their first game together.

I felt as though Packers receivers failed to "sit down" in open spots in the coverage. Those passes that appeared to be thrown behind the receiver were, in many cases, the result of Aaron Rodgers not wanting to lead his receivers into a big hit from the defender that was closing on them. I certainly could be wrong on this, but I think Rodgers is getting blamed for throwing behind his defenders when, in fact, he was intentionally throwing behind them to protect them.

Kevin from Bellevue, NE

The Bills got the Packers offense off their game early and kept them there the entire first half. The halftime adjustments with Cobb in the backfield certainly made a difference, but not enough. The defense played well the entire game, which means Capers did fine. So, who are we supposed to be screaming needs to be fired this week?

Nobody needs to be fired. The Packers need to win the one-on-ones. Coach Capers didn't do fine; his players did fine. It's always players, not plays. Jon Gruden was being politically correct, but he knows the best plays are worthless without players that can execute them. The Packers didn't win the one-on-ones on Sunday.

Andrew from North Liberty, IA

Vic, you answered my question at halftime yesterday and I appreciated it. I still think this was a missed opportunity and McCarthy may have had his worst play-calling day in a while. We all could see Rodgers wasn't himself and the receivers and he weren't on the same page. There were 22 rushes against 42 passes. I think this was one game in which Eddie Lacy should have rushed 25-30 times. Everything about the Bills coverage was screaming the Packers should have been running almost every down. Am I wrong in my thinking?

You might be right, but what did you say after the Lions game? Run more or pass more?

Adam from Lancaster, UK

Could be worse. We could be Browns fans.

Someone needs to tell Mike Pettine help is not on the way.

Dan from Grand Rapids, MI

Did the Bills give the blueprint to beat the Packers? Yes, the formula is to have more points than us when the clock hits zero. Too bad that secret's out now.

The Giants provided the blueprint in the 2011 playoffs – maybe the Chiefs did it late in that season – but how many teams have the talent to execute that strategy? It's a no-gimmicks, play-it-straight scheme. It's players, not plays.

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