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Is it in the grasp or in the grass?

Joe Philbin's knowledge of Packers will help Dolphins


Leandro from Braga, Portugal

You said being the head coach at Notre Dame is the best job in football. Why is that?

Three reasons: 1) Nobody travels as Notre Dame does, which often means they're playing a home game when they're on the road. 2) If you win at Notre Dame, you achieve immortality. 3) There could be some down-the-road perks.

Mark from Stewartville, MN

Vic, how much will Joe Philbin's knowledge of the Packers help the Dolphins this Sunday?

A lot, so the Dolphins have that going for them, which is nice.

Benjamin from Washington, DC

Clements says the no-huddle won't be going away due to the heat. Do you suppose we're more likely to see the flavor of no-huddle where Aaron still bleeds down the play clock on most plays before snapping?

That's what I'd do.

Shawn from Ballwin, MO

Jairus Byrd is on season-ending IR now. Will everyone who was calling for Ted to sign him admit draft and develop is better for long-term success, rather than throwing money around in free agency?

Everyone? No chance. There'll be a new flavor-of-the-year free agent next March that will cause a lot of fans to demand the Packers sign him because he'll make the difference. Let's see, it was Byrd last March, and Steven Jackson the year before, and Mario Williams the year before that, and somebody else that year, too.

Charles from Ripon, WI

Vic, after the game last night, Richard Sherman or Earl Thomas said all of those penalties called against them to bring back touchdowns was the league's attempt to keep the game close. Could that really be what's happening?

"I just think it's 'Monday Night Football,' you know the fans are watching, and everybody wants to see a good game, so they're gonna try to make it as close as possible. It's a business." The league won't like it.

Maximilian from Boynton Beach, FL

I'm going to be at my first Packers game on Sunday and I'm extremely excited. I play high school football and the heat is unbearable. Do you think it's harder to play in extreme heat or extreme cold?

I couldn't play in extreme cold. I just couldn't do it. The big guys, however, would rather play in the cold. John Henderson played in the SEC, but he never acclimated to the heat. He struggled to make it through practices.

Eric from Turners Falls, MA

A so-called fantasy expert mentioned a player having been erroneously ruled "in the grasp" on Sunday. Have I been hearing and saying this wrong all my life? The rule is "in the grass," is it not?

We had this same debate years ago in "Ask Vic's" previous life. The debate raged for weeks. I say it's in the grass.

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