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It's bye week for the fans, too; rest up

Can Charles Woodson play 10 more years?


Tony from Olathe, KS

You must be a can or twist top kind of guy?

I'm not a corkscrew kind of guy, if you know what I mean.

Nate from Pueblo, CO

I'm surprised the biggest name in your inbox isn't Ty Montgomery. He's been excellent lately, both on kickoffs and as a wide receiver. He's quickly developing trust and chemistry with Rodgers. I'm hoping he gets back soon from the ankle injury.

I saw something in the comments section I like. It said Jeff Janis is us. Bingo! Janis is identifiable for Packers fans. He's a Midwest kind of guy. I get it now. That's why I value the comments section. It teaches me about what it's like to be from here. When you move around, as I have, you grow. I've grown. I value all of the places I've lived. I value all of the teams I've covered. Covering the Packers has been more than a joy, it's been a lesson in culture. I value it.

Ryan from Madison, WI

Vic, I thought the first six games of this season were going to be incredibly difficult, but looking at the first six opponents, they're all below .500. What's going to happen when we play undefeated Denver and potentially undefeated Carolina?

I don't know. That's what makes this so much fun. Nobody knows, and if you think you know, you'll find out you didn't know. I thought the Packers were going to blow out the Chargers. Didn't you, too? The Colts were a favorite to win the AFC. They may still do it, but I don't think they'd be the consensus pick now. There's only one guarantee in this league: You will lose. All teams eventually lose, and most of them lose often. "If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch." Stay grounded, folks. Don't curse this now.

Brian from Fond du lac, WI

"I like an exchange of opinions and ideas. I don't regard mine too seriously. You should do the same." Oh, I do. That is, not regard your opinions too seriously, Vic. You make that easy for me, though.

I was driving to the Milwaukee airport and I saw a road sign for Fond du lac, and I immediately thought of you, Brian.

Joe from Chicago, IL

It's incredible how well Julius Peppers is playing at his age. He seems to be one of those rare, superior athletes. Who is the best non-quarterback you've seen play past 35?

Bruce Matthews might be that guy. How about Charles Woodson? He just turned 39 and he proclaimed he has 10 years left in him. The question is, do I have 10 years left in me to see it happen?

K.B. from Dickinson, ND

Vic, for those of us who do not have "the thing," can you post a photo of it so we can obsess on it even more?

I'm in South Carolina and I left my thing back in Green Bay. Maybe somebody in the comments section can post a picture of their thing.

Dean from Bluewell, WV

Vic, I'm so glad the bye week is here. A chance to rest and reflect on a fantastic start against six very capable opponents. While other fans are worrying, I can rest easy knowing players have an extra week to nurse injuries.

This is a chance for all fans to rest their injuries, too. Gather your spirit, everybody. When we come back, it's going to be a tough game for tough fans the rest of the way.

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