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It's time to turn out the lights

Disguising coverages is how you create interceptions


John from La Crosse, WI

Is there an update on Josh Boyd? What impact would his loss have?

Boyd was placed on the injured reserve list. The Packers have lost for the season a good, young big guy. Mike Pennel just became even more important.

Chris from Fredericksburg, VA

Yesterday, when you said, "When he runs, the quarterback must go down, and the quarterback must go down hard. He must be made to pay for his choice," it really clicked for me how much of a football guy you are. I love the sarcasm, wit, honesty, but that comment brought me back to the sportswriters of old. There's so much media and league exposure around protecting the QB; I wish there were more like you, Vic.

I'm part of the culture that needs to change, and I am changing, though with clenched teeth, but this is where I draw the line. With all of the protections afforded the quarterback in the pocket, if he elects to become a running back, every effort must be made to discourage his choice. In the four-plus years I've covered this team, that was the most impressive play I have seen Mike Neal make. It requires rare athletic ability in a big guy to drop Russell Wilson as Neal did.

Jon from Bloomfield, NJ

Rex Ryan is certainly emotional. Is he a good coach? Put another way, would he coach GM Vic's team?

He's a sensational coach, and I love the way he attacks on defense. He has an attitude that infects a team in the right way. I prefer less bravado, but he's energized the Bills and Buffalo and that's a good thing. I'm partial to Coach Ryan because I love his father. He was very good to me. His son can coach my team.

Chris from Greensboro, NC

Vic, still think Philly is the future of football. They are a hot mess, and will only be saved by the weak division they call home. I'll take Packers-style football any day of the week vs. the mess going on in Philly.

What's Packers-style football? Is it slow-tempo offense? Run two, pass one, bleed the clock football? Or is it bold, no-huddle, spread 'em out and push the envelope offense? Did the Packers take a knee late in the first half and deep in their own territory, or did they keep their foot on the gas? The Packers are no different than the Eagles when it comes to intent. Mike McCarthy spoke a couple of years ago of wanting to run 75 plays a game. That's the future of football to which I was referring, a lot of plays. Please, stop being so sensitive, and you're not the only one. My inbox is crowded with fans seeking revenge against the Eagles. Come on, it was just a preseason game. Please be more secure.

Stephen from Cedar Falls, IA

Vic, would you say in today's game you need your safeties to be able to stop the run and drop into coverage for a secondary to be successful?

It helps if your safeties can play the run and the pass with equal aplomb. If they can, you can play them right and left, instead of free and strong, and that helps a defensive coordinator disguise coverages. Disguising coverage is how you create confusion in quarterbacks and in receivers, and that's how you create interceptions. Cover four can be made to look like cover two, but you have to have defenders that can play both coverages. It's always about talent. The more things your players can do, the more you can do with your scheme.

Kirk from Goodhue, MN

No question, just a word of thanks for the remark about the record crowd. Made me tear up a little.

In 44 years, I have never seen an early-season game impact a fan base the way Sunday night's game has impacted Packers fans. That win has touched emotions you would expect in a long-suffering fan base that hasn't known victory in decades, but that is certainly not the case with this fan base. I'm delighted Packers fans are feeling such joy, but this is hump day, it's time to put Sunday in the rearview mirror and begin looking ahead. All celebrations have to end, and this one ends with this question and answer. It was a great party, but it's time to turn out the lights.

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