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J'Mon Moore has 'grown a lot from last year'

The Packers’ offensive coaches addressed the media Thursday afternoon

WR J'Mon Moore
WR J'Mon Moore

The Packers' offensive coaches addressed the media Thursday afternoon. Here are highlights from their news conferences:

Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett

On working with Matt LaFleur:

Matt drives the whole boat, the offense we're all coming together and putting together. Right now, it's a fluid thing. The meeting room, I have so much respect for Luke and matt. Matt and I bounce around a little bit. I think it's really good. The key thing is communication. As long as it's one voice, that's the key.

On importance of meetings with LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers:

That's huge. As much as possible, you want the quarterback, when he's on the field, you want him to be able to anticipate the call before it comes in. Right now, you don't have that game plan mentality. We're trying to work the communication through the quarterback and the line, but right now watching those two guys get on the same page is so critical.

On his role as offensive coordinator:

I'm like the organizer and the one who's trying to bring everything together. It's a great position for me to be able to sit back and watch the interaction, being in the shoes made is as a play-caller, you can say, 'hey, did he really get that?' I think it just makes it more efficient.

On Aaron Jones:

Aaron, watching him, he's such a good slasher. With the outside-zone stuff we're doing, it's going to really help him and make him more effective. He's definitely shown up and done some good things. I think this is going to be a good system for him.

On reuniting with Marcedes Lewis:

I'm a big fan of Marcedes. He did a great job in Jacksonville. He's a true pro. I've known him for years. My brother-in-law played with him at UCLA. The No. 1 thing is how he prepares himself. He was a threat in the red zone at Jacksonville and those are things we want to ramp up with him.

Quarterbacks coach Luke Getsy

On learning LaFleur's scheme:

He really took his time once we got here at the beginning of January. He was very detailed with us. We were able to watch a lot of tape and get examples. I didn't have a background in the terminology, but what we're doing I feel I have a good background in.

On relationship of LaFleur and Rodgers:

Great conversation. That's what that room has been since we got together here. Everyone gives how they view things. Matt leads the show and gets the conversation rolling, and we all give our viewpoints on how they're seeing it. It's been really interactive and I think that's helped the process a lot.

On how he's settled into QB coach position:

It's like any assistant, the role is to deliver Matt's message. Matt is the voice of the entire offense. My job is to make sure we're holding all those guys accountable and help them through the process. We're applying all that stuff. It takes a team to do it. When we got here in January, it wasn't just me and Matt – it was the entire offense going through the whole thing.

On how DeShone Kizer and Tim Boyle are picking up the offense:

I think they've done a great job. They're working really hard outside the building, too. Their inexperience is where it'll take a little bit more time to apply it, but as far as knowing what's going on around them, I think they're doing a good job.

On Manny Wilkins:

He's a sharp guy. You can see he's been able to bounce around in those different offenses and handle it very well. He has a good background, too. He's been great. He's been working his tail off. I'm excited to see him when we get to training camp.

Running backs coach Ben Sirmans

On Aaron Jones' diet:

That was good to see him to change his diet. I think it'll be good for him. He seems to be moving around pretty good. He wanted to break everything down and build it back up the right way. I think it'll help him be more explosive and sustain himself in terms of his stamina. I think he's on the right plan. I know he's been working hard in the weight room and seems dialed in.

On transitioning to outside zone in Matt LaFleur's offense:

You have to be a lot more disciplined as a runner. We've always run outside zone here and everywhere I've been, but I think it's just a lot more disciplined under this scheme. I think once they master it – because we've been watching film of other guys – I think it'll fit both of those guys pretty well.

On Dexter Williams:

I think he's going to be fine. He has the ability to make explosive cuts, but he has really good acceleration. Sometimes the thing working with rookie running backs is making sure he understands how he has to run in this league. He should be built for this because he can make explosive cuts and accelerate fast through the hole.

On running backs adjusting to playing with a fullback again:

We used them sparingly last year but we've had some experience. They all have pretty good awareness with having a guy in front of them. It's been great working with Malcolm Johnson and Danny Vitale. They've seen the success fullbacks have had in this system. They're excited about that.

Receivers coach Alvis Whitted

On Packers' tall receivers:

We have a very diverse room. I know Matt talks about looking at our receiving corps as a basketball team, and how they're interchangeable. You want guys who have versatility, especially Davante Adams being the leader of that group. His football knowledge and the experience he brings to the table, it trickles down to our young receivers.

On moving Adams around:

(The scheme) enhances it. It gives him different means of getting open and the flexibility to move him around, so defenses can't key in on him. I think he has a tremendous skill set to get open with short area quickness he has. The way he can manipulate defenders is awesome. He's a special player. He's been in this league for a while and will continue to do great things. He's the leader in our room, the alpha.

On J'Mon Moore:

I think he's grown a lot from last year. It was a learning example and I'd say it was humbling for him. It's human nature. You're a higher draft pick and some of the other guys came in and had a little success. I think he's taken it upon himself to challenge himself and asked, 'How am I going to respond?' And he's responded in the right way. He's on the right track, very talented individual and he's going to do some great things for us.

On young receivers building chemistry with Rodgers:

The one thing is trust. Quarterbacks expect us to be in a certain area when the ball comes out of their hands. It's important those younger guys become students of the game – not just this is the route I have, but what are the other parts of it. This offense is tailored that you have to learn all these concepts, not just one piece of the puzzle. These guys have to learn concepts and formations, and they have to be on point with it. If they do that, they'll earn the trust of Aaron.

On the young receivers pushing for the No. 2 job:

I think they are. Every day you have different guys making strides and making plays that are getting noticed by our coaching staff. Trevor Davis has done some nice things. He's been a special teams guy but he's been showing up on tape. That's what you want – guys making it hard on us at the end of the day. E.Q. is getting better. Jake Kumerow is doing some really good things. There's a huge upset to our room.

Tight ends coach Justin Outten

On the tight ends room:

They've been very accepting as far as the coaching side of it. The impressive part is seeing Jimmy Graham and Marcedes talking to the young guys on the sidelines and in the meeting room. Jimmy and Marcedes have been very professional as far as the change. They're seeing more of the field. They're being asked to step up into roles they might not have seen in recent years. It's a new leap for them.

On Big Bob Tonyan:

Going into it, you have to evaluate your roster and who you got. The video was minimal but you got to see flashes of things that get you excited. Working with him this offseason, you see those flashes coming out. The great thing about him is he's so eager and willing, asks questions all the time. If you're willing and able, you have a chance.

On Jace Sternberger:

Jace was very talented at that level. He's very explosive, great hands. You could see the second-level avoidance. There's a lot of communication that goes in with me and him, just being able to take advantage of every second in this building with us, and when he's not here, being a pro and taking time on his own to dive into the details of it.

Offensive line coach Adam Stenavich

On how a taller lineman like Billy Turner attack the guard position:

How they attack guys. Some guys, if you're bigger, you can absorb more and take on bull rushes, whereas if you're smaller you have to be aggressive and get on guys faster. What your style is and playing to that. … We don't have pads on or anything like that, but he has a great attitude. He's hungry to get better. I'm very happy he's here.

On Cole Madison getting his feet wet:

You can tell he's been gone for a year from the game. There's some things you have to improve on. He's getting more and more comfortable. We're putting a lot on his plate with guard and center, and he's doing a good job. Hopefully by the time training camp rolls around, he'll be ready.

On approach to non-padded OTA practices:

The biggest thing is making sure they understand the scheme and what we're trying to do, who to block – as much technique stuff as we can get down, footwork.

On learning this system:

My first actual introduction to this type of scheme was when I played here in 2006 and '07, a true zone scheme. From 2008-10 in Houston, that was Gary Kubiak and Kyle Shanahan as offensive coordinator – that's where I was introduced to this particular scheme.

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