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Jahri Evans hasn't missed any snaps

Packers' offensive assistant coaches meet with media


GREEN BAY -- The Packers' coordinators and offensive assistant coaches met with the media on Friday. Here's a summary of their key comments.

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook
(on new long snapper Derek Hart)

"He did some good things as well when he was here (in camp). Anytime you take a new guy that hasn't snapped in the National Football League, there's a learning curve. We'll keep right on going with what we're doing. We haven't changed our game plan."

(on how Pepper got hurt)

"It's just one of those things where he stepped, Ripkowski stepped on his foot, and you couldn't simulate it again if you had to. It's just one of those things."

(on Agnew for Lions)

"They're leading the NFL in punt returns and they've got a guy that's gone the distance twice this year. They're going to test us. I don't believe he was a punt returner at San Diego State. They've done a nice job developing him. Once they feel like they've got a guy back there that can do it, they seem to block a little better, too. You can't coach speed."

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett
(on Detroit's run defense vs. Pittsburgh, Bell)

"They did a really nice job tackling. They didn't miss a lot of tackles, and it paid dividends for them last week."

(on the week of practice with Hundley)

"The energy is extremely high. It's the way it's supposed to look from a practice standpoint. Now it's time to carry it over to game day, and I think our guys are excited about that."

(on Justin McCray filling in wherever needed)

"Probably the No. 1 thing that stands out is his versatility, a guy that can play every spot, and that's valuable. But you go back to his attitude. A great kid, works his tail off, spends a great amount of time with our coaching staff, and it's always about, 'How can I get better?' That's his approach, and he's improved day by day."

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers
(on Biegel)

"It's nice to have him back out there working. Obviously he's a young, enthusiastic guy that's going to give you great effort. He's done a great job during his PUP time of tuning in during meetings. It will be interesting to watch him. This is his first shot, and we'll have to see how it goes."

(on getting Burnett back)

"He's our leader. He was our communicator, he had the headset. He's played so many different spots for us. He knows the defense. He's going to make the right calls, get us in and out of things. A very consistent player. We've asked a lot of him, and he probably understands the defense as well as anybody."

(on the pass rush)

"I'm hoping we can get some continuity going here. We've been kind of mixing and matching and trying to patch things from one week to the next. We'll have to try to integrate a couple of these young guys in there, Vince, Adams, get them some reps. These young guys, I think you'll see them progress as we go through these next few weeks.

"We're not happy with where we are from a rush standpoint. Sacks sometimes, they come in bunches. You just have to stay in there with the principles you believe in. When we started out, I thought we got some pretty good pressure early, but it's kind of fallen off of late. Hopefully we get a group in there that will work together and generate some pressure, and we're going to have to."

Offensive line coach James Campen
(on Evans)

"He hasn't missed any snaps. He's played every play. His knowledge of the game is obviously very high, and the toughness he brings. His toughness has been a very welcome addition to an already tough group in my opinion."

(on the young guys filling in)

"This year it wasn't just one (injury), it was two, so those guys had to go play. There wasn't any time to wait. There were two spots to fill in some of those games. They just did a really good job getting acclimated to it. It's a tribute to the older guys that have been here, and Jahri coming here, teaching those guys how to be pros."

(on getting the starting five together)

"Everybody's looking forward to it. You get out there and get some continuity, let's pick up where we left off and go. Let's keep rolling."

(on getting Spriggs back)

"It's nice to have him back out there. Today was his first day in pads, so he got to do a little bit more today. He's got a couple padded practices yet to go through. Having him back is a plus, no question."

(on seeing Lang in a Lions uniform)

"I think that emotion will hit me after the game. I don't go there before, and Donny (Barclay) too. I have nothing but the highest regard for both of them as people. They're outstanding people and fathers. It'll hit me, though. It'll probably hit me afterwards. I'll see them walking off after the ballgame."


Quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt**
(on the bye week for Hundley)

"It came at the right time for him, to not have another game right away, to have some time to sit back and reflect, prepare with longer time to get ready for Detroit. I think it'll be beneficial. His confidence will grow from each game, each practice. He is improving."

(on the Saints game)

"Going back to his last start, I thought he was really close. The timing was off a hair here or there. His footwork would have gotten him in a better rhythm. That's been a big emphasis these last two weeks, working on the timing. He needs to play faster. Cut him loose, let him go play and have fun.

"The trust part comes from repetition. As a quarterback, personally you play faster when you're more confident in what you're doing. We've done that. We've given him plays he's had the reps with."

(does Rodgers need to change his game when he comes back?)

"His game outside the pocket is tremendous, and I don't think you can take that away from him. Maybe you encourage him not to take as many hits. But it's too early for me to think about that."

(on Rodgers helping Hundley but not giving him too much)

"There's a fine line. There's a lot of knowledge up there Brett doesn't need to hear, but there's a lot he does need to hear. So it's finding that fine line. Finding little nuggets of information that can help, but not clutter."

Receivers coach Luke Getsy
(on Detroit CB Slay)

"He just has a lot of components. He has the size, the speed, the length, he's a physical guy. Good change of direction, too. He's gotten better each year, and he's a little different than some of the guys we've played."

(on Hundley and the WRs)

"It's them getting to know each other and getting the experience playing with each other. How we help him is being consistent for him. I think you're going to see that relationship grow each and every week."


Tight ends coach Brian Angelichio**
(on R. Rodgers)

"We're confident with Rich. He's played a lot of football. Obviously he would like more snaps to date, but as far as going out, executing what we want in the game plan, Rich has done a good job with that."

(on Kendricks)

"The times Lance has been in there, he's done a good job, made some catches for us in the Cincinnati game, and he's done a good job with his blocking. I'm confident in both those guys."

(on Bennett announcing he might retire)

"Honestly I heard about it like you guys. Haven't really talked to him in depth about that. Players go through stages certainly, so I wouldn't want to speak for Marty."

(on Bennett's season to date)

"He's done a good job with his blocking. Certainly a couple of catches he'd like to have, that we'd like to have. It's something that's not alarming, as long as you continue to address it and work on it."

Running backs coach Ben Sirmans
(will Detroit use an eight-man front?)

"It's possible. They do some of those kind of things anyway, and they'll roll the safety down. They don't have to start off lining up showing an eight-man front. In the configuration of their defense, they can do it right when the ball is snapped. Usually when these (safeties) come down, they make the play."

(with Jones, is it instinct or figuring it out?)

"I think it's a blend of both. He's one of those guys you don't have to tell something two or three or four times before they get it. When he sees what's working, he just combines those things with his natural ability.

"I think he's smart enough to recognize why this play worked, why he had success here, and understanding each defense we face is going to be a little bit different."

(on Montgomery's drop in production)

"You look at his first three games, he was really running effectively. The goal-line play against Seattle, he ran through Kam (Chancellor) to get the touchdown. You talk about last year, part of his deal is he wants so bad to make that big play. You tell him to stay disciplined with everything, don't try to over-create because it'll come to you. The big thing with him is to make sure he's not trying to force the big play."

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