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Jennings Provides Depth At Receiver Position


With the departure of Jevon Walker in a trade with Denver in the second round, the Green Bay Packers had depth to add at the wide receiver position.

The Packers sought to shape up the position by selecting Greg Jennings with the 47th overall pick.

Jennings may have flown under a lot of radars during his career at Western Michigan, but his numbers put him in elite company among college wide receivers. He became only the 11th player to gain over 1,000 yards receiving three times in a career. He also had a school-record 238 catches his senior season, which placed him third all-time in receptions in the Mid-American Conference.

"He runs, catches and blocks," wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson said. "He's a complete player. He played really well against good competition and should be a good player for us. I think he has the ability to be a starter."

Jennings led the nation with an average of 8.91 catches per game, and ranked second in receiving yards per game with an average of 114.45. Skeptics might question his talent playing at Western Michigan, where he was the first ever wide receiver drafted, but Jennings believes his experience at a smaller school has benefited him mentally.

"Being in a smaller school I knew it put me in the mindset that I needed to work harder to get to this point," Jennings said.

Jennings and coaches agree he has the talent to develop into an NFL receiver. Jennings even hopes he can be the playmaker Brett Favre needs this season.

"I take a lot of pride in my route running and also running after the catch and being a playmaker. That was one of the things Brett needed last year, and hopefully I can and will be able to give it to him."

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