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Kenny Clark 'going to feel right at home'

Packers' first-round draft pick says he's ready to get to work


Packers' first-round draft pick Kenny Clark is about to venture a long way from home, coming from California to Green Bay, but early conversations with his new teammates have him thinking it's not so far after all.

"I'm pretty sure these guys are going to bring me in with open arms," Clark told Packers analyst Larry McCarren in a FaceTime conversation. "I'm going to feel right at home with the Green Bay Packers."

Clark already knows fellow defensive lineman Datone Jones, also from UCLA, and he said he's spoken with unit leader Mike Daniels. He also thought it was "super cool" to get called out by QB Aaron Rodgers on Twitter.

Rookie orientation begins for the Packers on Thursday and goes through the weekend. Clark can't wait to get started, and the accomplished run-stuffer wants to get to work right away on his pass-rush moves.

"In order to be on the field, I need to be able to pass rush," Clark said. "I don't want to be just a two-down player, I want to be on the field at all times."


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