Kyler Fackrell played 'his best game as a pro'

Packers' coordinators defensive assistant coaches met with the media Friday


GREEN BAY -- The Packers' coordinators and defensive assistant coaches met with the media on Friday. Here's a recap of their key comments:

Special teams coordinator Ron Zook
(on what stands out about Pittsburgh's special teams)

"No. 84 (Antonio Brown) back there as a punt returner stands out. Even though this year he hasn't had a big one, every time the ball touches his hands, he's capable of one. He's been the punt returner here the last few weeks."

Defensive coordinator Dom Capers
(on Brown)

"You don't have to watch much tape to see he's an elite guy. He's got great quickness, really good body control. He catches everything that's close. With the ball after the catch, he's a dynamic player there. They try to get the ball in his hands early."

(on Roethlisberger)

"Ben's been doing it for a long time. It starts with the fact he's going to call a lot of things at the line of scrimmage based on your look. We have to do a good job with our disguise, not give him a pre-snap advantage with what we're in. He can keep his eyes down the field longer than most quarterbacks. He's going to throw the ball up deep six or seven times in this game. We have to find a way to make our plays on the deep ball."

(on Bell)

"He's unique, because he gets the ball, and then he's patient. He'll sit in there, let the blocking develop, has really good vision, and wherever that gap is, he'll burst into that gap. His patience throws people off. It's hard for me to compare him to anybody. It puts a premium on your defensive guys of being patient and holding their gaps, because the minute that you peek or stick your head into another gap, he's going to hit it."

Assistant head coach/linebackers Winston Moss
(on Fackrell)

"Last week he stepped up and made some nice plays. That was his best game as a pro. Tackles for loss, sack, lot of third-down stops. Coming around. Believing."

(on Biegel)

"Biegel has come in with energy. Played the run well, still working on his pass rush. He de-cleated the back on Lowry's and Brooks' sack. He's a grinder. He brings energy, brings tenacity. Just a good all-around effort so far."

(on Matthews and the rotation)

"We're still going to keep Clay on a game-time decision. If we have five guys up, you've seen us rotate five guys. All participants that are available on Sunday will play."

Defensive line coach Mike Trgovac
(on Clark's injury)

"I feel bad for him, but he'll bounce back. It happens in there. You just hate to see things like that, but it happens."

(on Lowry avoiding the roughing the passer)

"You can lower your hand a little bit, but when you're swiping for the ball, sometimes football happens out there. It's not like he was trying to hit him in the head. Maybe lower his target a little bit."

(on Adams)

"He's improved his run play, improved his rush ability. The guy has missed a ton of training camp. I think he's starting to come on. We'll see when we get him in a game situation. He's improved. There's nothing like live work. He's been getting double duty (regular and scout-team work) in practice."

Safeties coach Darren Perry
(on getting Burnett back)

"Morgan always brings a sense of stability, just communication, all that good stuff. Good to have him back."

(on Clinton-Dix getting one INT but not two vs. Baltimore)

"He was pretty upset. You don't forget those, particularly ones that hit your hands. We talk all the time, you catch the ones that hit your hands and make a couple great plays you're sitting on five, six picks a year. Hopefully we can make up for it."

(on what's special about Pittsburgh)

"Similar to Green Bay. You've got the tradition, they've got a great coach. Pittsburgh fans may be a bit more brash or more vocal than some of the fans here in Green Bay, but very similar. That's part of it, when you go there, you know you're in Pittsburgh, just like you know you're in Green Bay. Two football capitals."

Assistant linebackers coach Scott McCurley
(on the challenge of facing Bell)

"Anytime you see him run the ball, he has the ability and the vision to take the ball anywhere. If you're in a true gap scheme, you have to be accountable to your gaps, but you have to get off blocks and go get him before he can get to his burst. He can create things through his tempo, the way he sets up blocks, and he has an excellent burst to hit the hole once he sets it up."

(on the guys up front defending the run)

"They're doing a great job of beating blocks and whipping people. You go back to Chicago, we couldn't get much because the front four was as consistent as could be, and that carried over to last week. It's great for us on the next level, but it's all started with them to tell you the truth."

Cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt Jr.
(on King's shoulder injury)

"He was willing to throw it this week in practice. That was a big, big change. When he has both his arms, he's played solid. If he doesn't throw it, I'm going to pull him out of the game. He has to use both arms. If he doesn't, Josh Hawkins will go in."

(on Brown)

"He has a synergy with the quarterback. When he is pulling off the concept, he is right in sync with him. He doesn't have the stature of some of the other elite receivers, but he's as handsy as a Dez Bryant up the field, maybe more, with the techniques to separate. He's as skilled a receiver as you're going to see in the league."

(on the TD Randall gave up vs. Mike Wallace)

"That was a heck of a throw in catch. He was in the slot, go this hands on, he got vertical. I think D got a hand on it, and Mike had it, and when D hit his head on the ground, he let go. Good play. Good throw, good catch, and we line back up and play. That was a nice play by them."

Offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett
(on Pittsburgh's defense)

"They do a great job against the pass, they have some guys inside that can stuff the run, and they take the ball away. We have our work cut out for us. We have to be productive in the run game, and when we get an opportunity in the pass game, we have to make those plays count."

(on Butler's HOF candidacy)

"I'm rooting for him, because it's definitely something he deserves. When you look back at what he was able to accomplish … his versatility at the safety position, he could cover, he did an outstanding job blitzing the quarterback, creating sacks. He was well-rounded. LeRoy was tough. He's one of the all-time best to play that position without a doubt."

(on the focus with Hundley in practice this week)

"Just the ability to play faster, being in sync with everything going on. (It's about) the unit in itself, getting in a rhythm, being consistent, playing at that fast pace we're accustomed to playing. We're asking him to play at a faster pace. It also applies to the protection unit, the receivers with their route running. We all have to be in sync."

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