Lambeau Suites Offer Extra Benefits


Watching a Green Bay Packers game from a suite high atop historic Lambeau Field, in the comfort of a climate-controlled environment with food and snacks at the ready, is a unique experience in and of itself.

But a comfy seat that comes without weather worries or trips to the concession stand isn't all a suite has to offer. There's much more to the experience -- outside the suite, actually.

Lambeau Field suiteholders enjoy special privileges that many stadium-goers don't, privileges that make the gameday experience that much more memorable.

There's an alumni meet-and-greet prior to each game, where suiteholders can visit with and get autographs from some well-known names in Packers history, from the Lombardi era to the Super Bowl XXXI champions. Some of the alumni who visited during the 2008 season were Antonio Freeman, Dorsey Levens, Willie Davis, Jan Stenerud, Carroll Dale and Donny Anderson.

There are also regular drawings for pre-game on-field passes, which allow for a close-up look at the players as they stretch and warm up, and for the Team Ambassador line, which includes two fans from each suite lining the "human tunnel" as players come running onto the field during introductions.

"That's an experience our suiteholders always talk about and never forget - getting to slap 'five' with the players with the crowd roaring all around them," premium seating director Jennifer Ark said. "They really appreciate those opportunities that come with the suites."

Since its redevelopment in 2003, Lambeau Field has featured more than 150 suites that seat anywhere from 16 to 30 fans each. Business owners can use their gameday suite to entertain their current customers, interact one-on-one with potential clients, reward their employees or socialize with family and friends.

Due to some recent contract expirations, a limited number of multi-year or single-season contracts are available. Single-game opportunities also provide a tryout for a potential long-term commitment to a suite.

"We've had tryouts on a game-by-game basis that become strong prospects for future contracts," Ark said. "Many potential clients have simply called us and we've discussed all of the options available."

Full-season suiteholders do get several out-of-season benefits as well. They can use their suite on non-gamedays for free, for a business meeting or family gathering, needing only to pay for food and beverages.

There's also, at no additional charge, a formal Draft Day dinner party in the spring, followed by the annual food tasting and ticket distribution dinner in late July, during which suiteholders get to try all of the gameday menu items for the coming season, new and old, and offer feedback. That event is normally right before the start of training camp, and suiteholders receive special privileges for watching training camp practices as well.

"The suites themselves provide a one-of-a-kind gameday experience at Lambeau Field, but there are a lot of other opportunities suiteholders can take advantage of during the season and throughout the year," Ark said. "The benefits go far beyond gameday."

Any inquiries can be directed to the premium seating department at (920) 569-7260.

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