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LB Brady Poppinga Live Chat Transcript: 11-17-06

After an incredibly speedy recovery from an ACL injury in 2005, Brady Poppinga has played in all nine games, starting eight of them at ’Sam’ linebacker and most recently recorded his third career sack last week at Minnesota. "I don’t think anybody would ever suggest Brady Poppinga didn’t have a linebacker’s mentality," Head Coach Mike McCarthy said when asked about Poppinga’s high-wired personality. Read The Transcript


Our defense has improved because of the fact that we are understanding the scheme better and understanding how each individual fits into it.

It is a great honor to play for one of the most storied professional sports teams in the USA. The fans are what make playing for the Pack the greatest.

To be honest I am pretty wired up all of the time. My problem isn't that I have to get myself going, but I have to work at calming myself down. So, before a game I try to relax as much as possible so I can conserve all of my energy for when it counts. I relax by taking deep breathes and I listen to relaxing but up tempo music ( U2, Coldplay). I will always do a warm-up routine out on the field before the game also.

Whats up coach? You are the man. Hope all is going well with you. You can truly say that the success that I have had and will have, that you play a part in that.

We try to make any adjustment or corrections that need to be made in order to perform at the highest level. We do this by looking at pictures that are taken at presnap and postsnap.

I would say to these kids that there are no limits as to what you can accomplish. If your belief in what you can accomplish is reflected in your actions then that belief will someday turn into a reality.

I think the advantage is that I have more experience in my life and I've learned to be able to handle adversity and challenges and different things that are thrown at me I think in a different way than womeone who has a little less experience. Also having been away from the game for a few years has allowed me to see what it's like to not have football in my life so I think I'm a little more appreciative and understanding of what value the game of football brings into my life.

Yeah, those cougs are doing great! I'm proud of them and i expect that this is how BYU should play. This is the BYU of old that I remember. I enjoy watching my brother play linebacker for them and I just think their season has been going great.

Fortunately I haven't had any setbacks with the knee injury. It's been 100%. It's been better than ever. I actually forget that I ever had a knee injury at this point.


That's a great question. I'm not sure if i could really pinpoint any particular coach but Coach Bates last year had a lot to do with it. He was really patient with me a really worked with me a lot. I think Coach Duffner, Coach Moss, Coach Sanders, obviously all of those guys have had a direct influence in my development because they have worked with me so close. As for players, Aaron Kampman helps me really keep things in perspective. Being able to play with guys like Kabeer, AJ, Nick, Ben, Abdul and Tracy...I think all of us are able to feed off of each other and basically push each other to the next level and accomplish some great things.

It was a great feeling. There were a lot of critics that thought that I couldn't really cover people so to be able to go and make an interception and make a play in coverage sort of answered my critics was a fun thing to do. And also to make a big play to help us win was the most fun about it.

I think we are right on target to be a playoff team. We just have to keep improving and continue on a weekly basis to put out our best effort and put our best foot forward and that's what is going to put us in the best position to win. Who's to say we can't get ourselves to the playoffs if we can do that? Only time is going to tell.

I'm an avid skier...well not anymore. I stopped skiing about 10 years ago. but I love to ski. I never got into snowboarding. I can't figure out how to slide or move sideways.

I think I can do either one, depending on the situation. Blitzing is very fun because it's a very aggressive, very exciting form of football and you get to chase after the quarterback, whereas in coverage you are more passive. You're reading the play a little more so i would definitely say blitzing is the most fun, but they are equally important. On that note guys, I've got to run. I have family coming in for the big game this weekend. Thanks so much for all of your questions. It's been awesome! GO PACK GO!

This concludes our chat. Thanks to Brady for taking time to hang out with us and thanks to all of you for your great questions. - Posted by Chat Moderator of

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