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LeSean McCoy is the target this week

It has to come from within


Nick from State College, PA

I heard an announcer say Tom Coughlin's job might be in jeopardy. Do you think the announcer was just trying to make controversy or does two Super Bowl wins really not buy a little confidence?

All jobs are in jeopardy at all times. We've turned blame into a game. We delight in men being fired from positions to which they have dedicated their lives. It's a sad phenomenon and doesn't say much about us as human beings. Plus, it doesn't say much about us as football people to think a guy that won two Super Bowls all of a sudden forgot how to coach. It's all about anger and our inability to control it.

John from Roma, Lazio

We have a real test this week in the Eagles. What would you like to see out of the team this Sunday?

I'd like to see the Packers run defense stop LeSean McCoy. He's got to be the target.

J.D. from Evansville, IN

Vic, do you think the benefit would be worth the price of moving Clay to the inside on running downs against teams such as the Eagles, Cowboys, Seahawks, Niners or Saints, excellent rushing teams that can also beat you through the air? All those teams have film on that position switch now. I have to believe those coaches have some pencils of their own.

We're going to find out about the Eagles this Sunday, but the rest of those teams aren't on the remaining schedule. If you look at the Packers' late-season schedule, you won't see a lot of teams at the top of the rush rankings.

Steve from Neenah, WI

Vic, how good of a game did Sitton and Lang play? Somebody's gotta give credit where it's due.

Mike McCarthy gave credit where it's due. He called it the best offensive line he's had in the years he's been the Packers' coach.

Ben from Cypress, TX

Your halftime and postgame chat comments tell me this game hasn't changed your opinion from the offseason that Clay Matthews is better used outside. I agree, but I also think using him at ILB on rushing downs put the best group of players on the field. Do you think we would see the same results with Perry used at ILB, thereby allowing Matthews to do what he does best and still keep the best group of players on the field?

Apparently, Coach Capers thought it would be better to move Matthews inside and replace him with Nick Perry on the outside. Hey, whatever it takes. If it works, stick with it, but I'm not crazy about Matthews not rushing the passer in space. I'd like to see him play a little on the inside, and a lot on the outside.

C.J. from Edinboro, PA

Vic, what do you tell a football team down by such an insurmountable margin?

You tell them nothing, and then you watch to see who plays hard. Those are the people you want. You want the ones whose motivation comes from within, and especially those that continue to play hard because they love the game and the distinction of being a professional football player. The rest of them, get rid of them.

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