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Letters To Majik


Dear Majik, should the Packers go out on the free market and sign a wide receiver? - Reginald, Hampton, Wis.

Reginald, the Packers brought a few wide receivers in and worked them out. For whatever reason they did not sign any. I know that a receiver who is fourth or fifth-string has to play special teams. I don't think some of the players they brought in were willing to do that.

Hey Majik, were you ever 100% after you injured your shoulder in 1990? - Mike, Hinton, Wis.

Mike, after the surgery on my throwing arm, it was difficult to throw exactly the way I did when I was healthy. I never could regain the quick release and accuracy that I once had. It was extremely frustrating because I did everything in my power to regain full strength, but no dice.

Don, thanks for your six years in Titletown -- they came at a time when the Pack needed excitement. Who was the biggest prankster during your years in Green Bay and, if possible, talk about a memorable prank. Thanks. - Kevin, Escanaba, Mich.

Kevin, to be totally honest with you, I was one of the biggest pranksters on the team was. Fact is, some folks thought I was one of the best pranksters ever. One of the favorite tricks from that era was to put liquid heat into the jock straps of some of the rookies and watch them light up. Baby powder inside the helmet was a common one. Another fun gag was to put smelling salts under a guy's nose when he was resting (taking a nap) on the training room table.

Don "Majik" Majkowski was inducted into the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame earlier this year. His career for the Packers spanned six seasons (1987-92), including being named to the Pro Bowl in 1989 when he led the NFL in passing yards. In addition to his duties with, Majik provides football analysis for WSSP-AM, SportsRadio 1250 in Milwaukee, WDUZ SportsRadio 107.5 & 1400 The Fan in Green Bay, WTSO - ESPN 1070 in Madison, WDEZ in Wausau, and WIZD in Stevens Point. Visit Majik's Web site,, for more information.


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