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Letters To Majik


Hey Majik, with the PACK at 0-4 & October's schedule most likely putting us at 0-8, what would YOU DO to correct the poor performance of "some of the players on the field." Number 4 can't do it alone! - Greggo, Elburn, IL

Greggo, You're right; Brett can't do it alone. The Packers just need to create more turnovers and limit their own. When they did that in the second half of the Carolina game, they did pretty darn good!

Majik, why doesn't the new GM Ted Thompson go out and acquire some additional players for Coach Sherman? I have heard that the Packers are UNDER the salary cap. - Jeff, Marathon City

Jeff, you make a good point, but I don't really see too many good players who are out there and available. Ideally, you always want to bring in a guy at mid-season who already knows the system. Unfortunately, with the lack of available players, the Packers are going to have to figure this out on their own.

What has the coaching staff done to limit penalties? I believe, without half of them, the Packers could be 4 and 0. - Paul, Sioux Falls, SD

Paul, you can't blame penalties on the coaching staff! They are not the ones holding, false starting, making illegal blocks or interfering on defense. The players alone need to be held accountable for the penalties.

Howdy Majik! Do you feel that all of the talk about Brett retiring because of "age" is justified? In today's world, 35 is not "old" at all! The Jets just resigned Vinnie Testeverde and he's now 41!!! (Which isn't old, either... remember George Blanda?) - Jerry, Wausau, WI

Jerry, I agree that 35 years old isn't that old for the normal everyday person. But when you play in the NFL and take the physical beating that these guys take, it starts to get much more difficult to recover from all the hits week after week. On the other hand, 41 is pretty old to be playing in the NFL. It's a great credit to Vinny and his physical conditioning. I'm 41 and I couldn't even imagine trying to wake up the day after a game now!

What do you think of the rumors that the Packers want rid of Favre? Am I the only one who still firmly believes in his abilities? - Dave, Yadkinville

Remember to never give too much merit to rumors, Dave. There's no way the Packers would think of getting rid of Brett. I know everyone in the NFL is replaceable -- just look at the Joe Montana situation -- but I don't see that happening with this team.

Don, I have read a lot about fans "bashing" Mike Sherman and Brett Favre, trying to put the blame on one individual or another for this year's losses. Would you mind commenting on what a team sport football is? I think some fans would find more meaning hearing it coming from a former pro player. - JJ, Green Bay, WI

Let me say, JJ, that you make a great point. The QB and the coach are always the first ones to blame when things aren't going well. Let me tell you from experience, a QB is only as good as his supporting cast. Football is the ultimate team sport. Without a strong running game to compliment the pass, it's difficult for any quarterback to be consistent week in and week out. I don't care who is playing the position.

Majik, we all know the Packers are having trouble running the ball. Why don't the use the short pass to supplement the running game the way Rich Gannon did in Oakland? Remember that Monday Night game in Denver when Gannon dinked and dunked Denver to death? Favre can do the same thing when he takes short three-step drops and uses the pass for the run until the offense jells late in the season. Please tell them to do that. - Louie, Salem, MA

Louie, the West Coast Offense is designed to throw short passes to take the place of running the ball at times. If you watch closely, the Packers do throw short passes all the time, but I would personally like to see more of those passes going to Ahman Green. He needs to get the ball as many ways as possible so that we start to be more similar to the way San Diego uses LaDanian Thomlinson.

Hey Majik, why does it seem the Packers always start the game sluggish offensively, with an exception of a few possessions, and it seems they always turn it on later in the game when there is a sense of urgency? Do you see the same thing? - Jerry, Stevens Point

Jerry, I think the reason the team seems to start off slow is that in the beginning of games, the Packers are more committed to the run. They haven't been very successful with the running game thus far. When they open it up later in the game they seem to move the ball better. You can't fault the coaches for trying to run the ball, but it's just not happening this year.

With the so close to near catches the Packer receivers seem to miss that edge of aggressiveness that other team's receivers have in going after the ball. Do you think it is time now with only 3 receivers to give Jerry Rice a call for one last shot at the NFL! Think about it -- Favre to Rice -- for at least part of one season. - Brian, O'Fallon, IL

Brian, you make a very interesting point. I'm sure if anyone else goes down he might be a player they would consider bringing in. How do we know Jerry still wants to play? I think he may have had enough. Deservingly so!

Hi Don, I have two questions. First, why doesn't Sherman go to the "No Huddle" offense earlier in a game? Against Carolina, with 6 minutes to play the Pack was just taking their time and walking around the field. No sense of urgency! That offense has proved to be were Brett Favre thrives. Second, does the Pack do tackling drills throughout the year. I get very frustrated watching our defense not wrap and tackle. Routine plays are not being made which in turn is costing the Packers the game. These players are professionals and in my opinion should be able to tackle an opponent on every down. - Tom, Harrisburg

Tom, I've been saying all along that the Pack should use more no huddle throughout the first half. We could still run the ball from shotgun. They can force a defense to play nickel (easier to run against), and gives Brett the opportunity to do what he does best. This will be difficult as an entire game plan with the shortage of wide-outs, but maybe sprinkle it in here in there as a change up. To your second point, no doubt about it, the tackling definitely needs to improve.

Do you think that Coach Sherman is too easy on the players? And if so is it because of players holding too much leverage over coaches? I haven't seen him ever lose it when there has been a game-losing mistake by a player. Does he address these problems as hard as you would or past coaches would have? - Tiny, Ormond Beach, FL

Tiny, Coach Sherman isn't worried about players having too much leverage over him. They don't! No player, or coach for that matter, is safe with his job during times like these. Last year when Coach Sherman took over the play calling responsibilities he did an outstanding job. He just doesn't have the same players to work with this year. I can promise you that he and his staff are working harder now or just as hard as they ever have. This is just the ugly part of the NFL for coaches when their team doesn't win. It happens to every coach sooner or later. They know it comes with the territory.

How important is a trainer to a team? - Kent, Winston-Salem, NC

Trainers are absolutely invaluable to a team. They work incredibly hard and don't get recognized much unless a player can't get healthy.

Don, what do you feel is the difference between Lindy Infante and Mike Holmgren? I know Mike won quite a bit more and I want to know how his management style and personality style made the difference. - Kurt, Menomonee Falls, WI

Lindy and Mike were both great offensive minds. They are both very similar in the way they paid strict attention to all the details. Lindy was probably a little more sarcastic and fun to deal with.

Hey bud, I just gotta ask you, what do the Pack have to do to make some plays on special teams? I miss the days of Desmond Howard taking them to the house and giving us great field position. - Lou, Marshfield

Lou, I agree that we need to start making bigger plays on special teams. It makes a game so much easier to manage when a team can start out with great field position a few times during a game. The 1996 team with Desmond Howard was incredible. He put a lot of points on the board for that team.

Hey Majik. Since 2000, when I first starting following the Packers, it seems there has been a big swing between the offensive and defensive side of the ball. It seems we're better on defense and not very good on offense. Do you think Favre's time is up? No matter what, I always try to watch every game. I'll always stand by the Packers and promote them to the folks here in Scotland! - Steve, Scotland

Steve, I sure hope you had a chance over there to see the MNF game against Carolina because after watching Brett's performance I wonder if anybody can still tell that that Number 4's time is up. The guy can obviously still play at a very high level.

How do you feel about Craig Nall as being the heir apparent to Brett Favre? - Dan, Mosinee

Dan, I don't know if Craig will get the opportunity to replace Brett. You have to remember there's a number one draft pick, Aaron Rodgers, in front of him. I do, however, really like an awful lot the way Craig plays. I know he will have an opportunity to play somewhere. He is a very capable quarterback. I'm sure there are a lot of teams interested in him.

Don "Majik" Majkowski was inducted into the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame earlier this year. His career for the Packers spanned six seasons (1987-92), including being named to the Pro Bowl in 1989 when he led the NFL in passing yards. In addition to his duties with, Majik provides football analysis for WSSP-AM, SportsRadio 1250 in Milwaukee, WDUZ SportsRadio 107.5 & 1400 The Fan in Green Bay, WTSO - ESPN 1070 in Madison, WDEZ in Wausau, and WIZD in Stevens Point. Visit Majik's Web site,, for more information.


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