Letters To Majik


In your view is Aaron Rodgers the hope for the Packers faithful during the post-Favre era? If so, please explain why. - Jared, Atlanta, Ga.

Jared: Any time you're the team's No. 1 pick in the draft, you better be the guy of the future. Rodgers will have every opportunity to take over when Favre retires. I like his confidence and leadership skills. You can tell that he will be a guy that his teammates will respond to in a positive manner. I wish him luck.

Do you think KGB could be a greater asset to the team if he were used as a linebacker rather than a defensive end? It appears his speed is pretty well negated by even average offensive tackles. - Jack, Avon, Ind.

Jack: KGB is a great speed rusher. He sometimes has difficulties with big offensive tackles versus the run. The Packers will continue to game plan and use schemes that best suit his talents. I don't think he will ever be used as a linebacker.

With Javon Walker, Ahman Green, Najeh Davenport, and Samkon Gado back in 2006, will the Packers be more of a contender to go to the playoffs? - Toua, Wausau, Wis.

Toua: Unfortunately all these players are going to be recovering from serious injuries that they suffered this year. If they are all healthy for next year, it would give the Packers a great deal of depth at the running back position. This would certainly increase their chances for a playoff run.

Don "Majik" Majkowski was inducted into the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame earlier this year. His career for the Packers spanned six seasons (1987-92), including being named to the Pro Bowl in 1989 when he led the NFL in passing yards. In addition to his duties with Packers.com, Majik provides football analysis for WSSP-AM, SportsRadio 1250 in Milwaukee, WDUZ SportsRadio 107.5 & 1400 The Fan in Green Bay, WTSO - ESPN 1070 in Madison, WDEZ in Wausau, and WIZD in Stevens Point. Visit Majik's Web site, www.majiknetwork.net, for more information.


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