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Live Chat To Welcome Darren Sharper, Wednesday At 2 PM CT


Entering his eighth season with the Packers, safety Darren Sharper has registered the most interceptions in the NFL since 1999 (30) and 2000 (27), and is currently tied (with Johnny 'Blood' McNally, Charley Brock and Keith McKenzie) for fourth best in team history with four career defensive touchdowns.

In the Packers' preseason game vs. the New Orleans Saints, Sharper intercepted Todd Bouman's pass and returned it 90 yards for a touchdown, evoking memories of his playing days at William & Mary, where he was a two-time Division I-AA All-American.

"I have to do more wind sprints after practice," Sharper joked after the game. "I had a flashback to my punt return days in college, but I don't have the same speed, so I got a little tired at the end."

Because meetings ran late last week, Darren was unable to join us. But on Wednesday, the two-time Pro Bowler, who looks to make career start No. 100 in 2004, will take a break from his wind sprints to take questions from Packers fans during a Live Chat starting at approximately 2 p.m. CT.

If you plan to take part in Wednesday's chat, please be sure to remember the following tips:

Be courteous and respectful. will not post any profanity, and chat guests are unlikely to answer questions that are rude in nature. If you have 'tough' questions, think about how you want to word them so they will get answered.

Be thoughtful. Among the hundreds of questions submitted, the ones that stand out tend to get the best answers. Anticipate some of the common questions and try to ask something unique. Chats are often bogged down with the same questions being asked over and over again. Be different.

Send questions once. Sending the same question multiple times will not get your question noticed. Instead, your submissions will be flagged and ignored.

Finally, remember that this is your chance to chat with a member of the Packers. Utilize the option to its fullest. We hope you have fun!

Click here to get to the Live Chat page.

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