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Live Chat To Welcome John Dorsey, Thursday


The annual NFL Draft is less than a week away and for many football fans the anticipation is almost too much to bear.

Currently, the Green Bay Packers have eight selections to make in this year's draft, with their first pick slated for the 25th spot overall.

This week Packers draft personnel will look to finalize the team's draft board, prioritizing the list of draft-eligible players. A leading voice in that process will be John Dorsey, the team's director of college scouting, who this Thursday at 8 p.m. CT will sit down for a Live Chat on

Himself a former Packers draft choice (fourth round) as a linebacker out of the University of Connecticut in 1984, Dorsey played five seasons for the team from 1984-88, before spending a season on injured reserve in 1989.

Now in his 14th year in the player personnel side of the NFL, Dorsey is in his fourth year as the Packers' director of college scouting.

Thursday night's exclusive Live Chat is a tremendous opportunity for fans to question Dorsey about the process of preparing for the draft, which will be held in New York City, April 24-25. will begin taking questions for the Live Chat Thursday morning. Before submitting a question, remember these following tips:

Be courteous and respectful. will not post any profanity, and chat guests are unlikely to answer questions that are rude in nature. If you have 'tough' questions, think about how you want to word them so they will get answered.

Be thoughtful. Among the hundreds of questions submitted, the ones that stand out tend to get the best answers. Anticipate some of the common questions and try to ask something unique. Chats are often bogged down with the same questions being asked over and over again. Be different.

Send questions once. Sending the same question multiple times will not get your question noticed. Instead, your submissions will be flagged and ignored.

Finally, have fun!

Take Part In The Draft Day Challenge:

Think you know who the Packers will select first in this year's NFL Draft? Submit your guess and win prizes in the exclusive Draft Day Challenge. It's free to play and simple to sign up, but picks must be submitted by noon CT, Friday!

To learn more about the Draft Day Challenge, and to submit your prediction, click here.

Follow The NFL Draft At

The official website of the Green Bay Packers will be your best source for official information on the team's draft selections over the NFL Draft weekend, April 24-25. will post bios and photos of Packers picks as soon as they are selected, followed immediately by LIVE audio from coaches, scouts and the draft picks themselves.

In addition, plans to give fans an exclusive inside peek into the team's draft War Room with Draft Cam, in addition to other exclusive content.

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