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Lunch, a new friend from Butternut and some senior fans

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After the school visits, the Tailgate Tour had the pleasure of a quaint lunch at Pals Café in Park Falls, Wis.

Lunches often provide an opportunity for the players to connect with local residents, and Pals Café did not disappoint as Shelley Meverden of nearby Butternut, Wis., got a huge kick out of connecting with the group.

"She was great," said Jake Ryan. "Enjoyed the pictures of her family."

Additional friends were made at the tour's next stop, the Waterford at Park Falls, an assisted-living facility. The tour participants had the opportunity to meet plenty of experienced Packers fans. More than 40 elderly fans shared stories of their time cheering for the Green and Gold as they greeted the players and alumni.

Robert Ferguson had a particularly fulfilling visit, as he operates two day care centers for seniors in the Houston area. He eventually wants to run assisted-living centers with residents.

"The people were great and the facility was excellent. Really enjoyed the visit," he said. "The fans were fun. It was great to hear their stories, and I learned a lot about dairy farming from one of the guys."

The tour then had some down time before tonight's event in Ashland to benefit BAYNET, the Bay Area Youth Network.

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