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Make the Cardinals one-dimensional

Prepare yourself for the dramatic


Joe from Asbury, IA

Vic, my favorite part of the game against Washington was seeing Aaron and Mike smiling and messing around again. It's been a long time since they have been happy during a game. I think that signifies the page has been turned and they have given everyone hope they can make a run at this thing. What type of game are you expecting in Arizona?

I expect it to be won on a walk-off field goal. It's playoff football. Both teams have top quarterbacks. What happened in Week 16 was an anomaly. That's not going to happen again. Prepare yourself for the dramatic.

Gordon from Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Vic, in terms of leaguethink, what is the best outcome for the LA proposals? Which franchise or franchises move?

I hate to see any town lose its team. The NFL awards franchises to places, not people. I get the sense, however, Oakland has quit on its attempt to keep the Raiders. San Diego hasn't quit on its attempt to keep the Chargers, but it's moving too slowly, and let's not forget the Chargers were born in Los Angeles and left there for San Diego. I think St. Louis is committed to keeping the Rams, and I'd like for that to happen; I don't want to see pro football strike out in St. Louis again. A Chargers-Raiders deal in LA makes sense. The Chargers wouldn't be leaving their market, and both teams would be returning to a place they once called home. I'd then like to see one of those teams moved to the NFC West, which would bring the Rams to LA once a year. I think that's a formula for success in LA, and it's of critical importance that every effort is made to make pro football successful in LA. What team leaves the NFC West for the AFC West? That's the remaining question.

Chris from Sun Prairie, WI

Vic, the WIAA recently banned student sections from saying phrases such as "air ball" and "scoreboard." Is this the beginning of the end? Help me understand.

We're becoming very sensitive. I can't help but think of a school in Pittsburgh that had a unique cheer. It began with, "Now get your hat, your coat, and …" It definitely wouldn't make it past the WIAA censors.

Dan from Livermore, CA

Vic, what do you remember about the 2009 season wild-card shootout between the Packers and the Cardinals?

I remember muttering, "Please don't let this happen to my game."

Matt from Mount Pleasant, WI

Vic, will the Cardinals be helped or hindered by the extra week off?

That's the big question that accompanies teams coming off a bye. The Jaguars were coming off a bye in 1999 when they beat the Dolphins 62-7, but the Packers were coming off a bye when they lost at home to the Giants in 2011. The bye becomes a convenient excuse for losing, either way. Baloney on that! Win the game. No excuses.

Pete from Clarkridge, AR

McCarthy says the Packers are no underdog at Arizona, and that's a message to his players, but seriously, do they believe it?

Oddsmakers and point spreads are meaningless. Perception is reality. The Packers profess belief. Their effort on Saturday will be the final word on the subject.

Henry from Los Angeles, CA

What do you think it will take to shut down the Cardinals offense?

Stop the run and make them one-dimensional. If the Packers can do that, they can move Clay Matthews outside and turn him loose on Carson Palmer. The Cardinals don't want that to happen. They want Matthews playing inside.

Chris from Upland, CA

Coach Arians locker room speech a few weeks ago was a cheap shot at the Packers. Vic, what's your take on trading blows/insults?

It's meaningless.

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