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Mark Murphy - Live Chat Transcript

Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy stopped by Friday to field some of your questions in the Live Chat.


Mark is with us now so we will begin answering questions. - Posted by Chat Moderator of

Mark, Many of us are both Paker fans and Brett Favre fans. This process was extremely painful for us. While we support the organization doing what is best for the team, doing it at the expense of loosing most beloved player seemed a very high price. It is extremly important to us fans and share holders that Brett's future with the Packers be presevered, not just from our point of view but also from his. That "HE" feels welcome in Lambeau field and a family member. It's no good if we feel that way but he doesn't. My question is how will you and the rest of the organization begin to reach out Brett and his family and heal the hurt so that our most beloved QB will be seen walking the halls of the Packer Hall of Fame and Lambeau Field 10 years from now.? Best regards, Bart - Posted by Bart Hobbs of Houston, Texas

Good morning, everyone. Thanks for joining us on Bart -- I agree with you that we just got through a very difficult situation for the franchise. I also belive it is very important for us to have a long-term relationship with Brett. I expressed that to him throughout this process. I intend to reach out to him at the appropriate time to finalize those plans. The start of that will be the eventual retirement of his number. I was very encouraged by Brett's comments yesterday about being a Packer forever. He will be a part of the Packers family for a long time.

Can Aaron Rogers lead Green Bay into the playoffs this year? - Posted by JJ of Eau Claire

JJ -- The Packers have a lot confidence in Aaron. He's had a great offseason and has performed well in training camp thus far. With the youngest team in the NFL last year, we made it to the NFC Championship Game, so we obviously have a talented team around him. Coach McCarthy has a tremendous record developing quarterbacks and we're excited to see Aaron take over.

Mark, I would like to know who the actual owner of the Green Bay Packers - Posted by Jim Johnson of Waukesha WI

Jim -- We are owned by more than 112,000 shareholders and governed by a board of directors and executive committee. The Board meets quarterly and the executive committee meets monthly. I serve as a member of the executive committee. I also represent the Packers at the NFL owners' meetings. The setup is unique in professional sports, and we receive so much support from our shareholders and fans. It definitely makes us special, and I feel it's an advantage for us.

Will the Packers still be retiring Brett Favre's number/jersey during the Viking game Monday night? - Posted by David Whitehouse of Eau Claire

David -- No. With Brett continuing his career with the Jets, we'll be having the retirement ceremony sometime in the future when Brett retires. We look forward to that day.

Brett Favre said that he will always be a Packer. If when he finally retires for good and wants to retire as a Packer, will he be allowed to do so after all that has happened between him and the organization? Good Luck this year. Go Pack! - Posted by Jake Kallenbach of La Crosse, WI

Jake -- Brett will be a member of the Packers family for a long time. When he retires, we'll retire his number. He'll also be inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. He'll always be a Packer in our mind.

Will there ever be another opportunity for Packer fans to buy a share of the Packers? - Posted by Craig of Dallas, TX

Craig -- We've had four stock sales in our history, with the most recent one in 1997-98. We don't anticipate having another offering in the near future.

What's the morale like with the team right now getting so close to the begining of the regular season? - Posted by Michelle Stephens of Camp Pendleton CA

Hi, Michelle -- With our first preseason game approaching, the morale of the team is very positive. I sense there's closure to the recent situation, so everyone is very eager to move forward in a positive fashion. Packers fans are excited for the season, and so is Coach McCarthy and the team.

While NFLs next two seasons are in good shape, a new CBA could gravely impact GB. What risks are there and what other NFL teams are in our corner in reaching a new CBA good for the GBP? - Posted by Rick of Ashwaubenon

Hi, Rick -- Great question. We have three years of football guaranteed, with 2010 being an uncapped year. We'll be involved as much as we can in the negotiations with the players union. The current CBA system has worked well for the NFL, the Packers and the players. While many important issues are on the table, including the percentage of revenue that goes to the players and rookie salary concerns, I'm optimistic Roger Goodell and the players union will be able to reach a new CBA. I think the owners are very unified with regard to the process and everyone shares the belief that changes are needed to the current agreement.

Mark-with a difficult schedule ahead of the team does management and the team itself feel like this is a rebuilding year or can we pick up right where we left off? Best regards. GO PACK! - Posted by Tyler Richter of Cottage Grove, MN

Hi, Tyler -- In no way do we consider this a rebuilding year. As an organization, we are approaching the season looking to build off last year's success. We return most of our starters on both sides of the ball and Coach McCarthy was very pleased with our offseason program.

Mark, Had you always had the desire to get into NFL management after your playing days ended or was it something you discovered you'd like to try later on? - Posted by Kelly Mckenna of New Richmond

Hi, Kelly -- No, I did not have that desire. During my career as an athletic director, I thought maybe I'd work in the NFL at some point, most likely in the league office. When the opportunity arose with the Packers, I realized it was a great way for me to tie together my background and experience with such a great organization.

do you know of any plans to sign a veteran back up at qb? - Posted by matt of brodhead

Hi, Matt -- Right now the football staff feels very good about the quarterbacks, and the development of the Brian and Matt. They'll continue to evaluate all positions through training camp.

Lifetime Packersfan, as in the begining of last season, I can't wait till the defense gets on the field. Will you continue to draft to strengthen our defense?? - Posted by DK1(SW/AW) ERDAHL of Madison WI

DK1 -- The coaches are impressed with the way the defense has performed in camp thus far. Coach McCarthy's philosophy is to have a tough defense and strong running game on offense. I think the defense is poised to build off last season's great performance.

how many people are on the season ticket waiting list - Posted by Tom of League city, Tx

Tom -- We have more than 78,000 people on the waiting list.

Good morning Mark, I was just wondering what you feel will be your greatest challenge taking over for Bob Harlan (besides the brett favre challenge) and what are you most looking forward to? Thank you - Posted by Jeff of Kingsford, MI

Hi, Jeff -- I think the greatest challenge facing our organization is the status of the CBA. It will have a large impact on all NFL clubs. It's important for the Packers to have our interests represented at the league level during this process. What I'm most looking forward to is the challenge of winning another Super Bowl championship here in Green Bay. Bob Harlan has been invaluable to me as I have made the transition to my position. He left the franchise in great shape, both financially and on the field.

I'm disappointed with how the organization has handled this. How can we move on? - Posted by Betty of Waterloo, Iowa

Hi, Betty -- This has been a difficult time for our organization. I know that it has been difficult for our fans as well. While we've received much feedback during the last few weeks, both positive and negative, what has impressed me is the tremendous passion of our fans. It is that passion that makes the Packers a great story in professional sports. Without it, we'd be very similar to any other pro team. While the situation with Brett may have been difficult to follow because of the emotions involved, I can't stress enough that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy have acted in the best interest of the Packers. To some of our fans, that may be hard to see now, but in time I think everyone will see we have made the right choices. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions today. I look forward to continuing these chats in the future. -- Mark Murphy

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