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McCarthy: Kevin King expected to practice Thursday night

Rookie cornerback sat out Tuesday with a shoulder injury


GREEN BAY – Packers cornerbacks Joe Whitt Jr. said Wednesday he wanted to test Kevin King more against quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

He may get that opportunity as early as Thursday night.

It appears King will be back on the practice field inside the Don Hutson Center, according to Head Coach Mike McCarthy.

The rookie second-round pick out of Washington didn't participate in Tuesday's practice at Ray Nitschke Field due to a shoulder injury, but was present.

McCarthy, speaking to the media before Thursday's practice, said also he wants to see the rookie get work against the two-time NFL MVP.

"You want him to be challenged by Aaron," McCarthy said. "I think that's a normal process when you get into training camp, (putting) the ones versus ones as much as you can. The veterans know that better than anybody because the reps are few and far between, and you need to max that out. It'll help everything (when) Kevin is out there competing against Aaron."

King missed most of the Packers' offseason program due to league rules prohibiting rookies from joining their team until their respective school has been dismissed for the summer.

While it's only been a small sample size, Whitt has been pleased with what he's seen from the 6-foot-3, 200-pound cornerback. Now, he wants to see more.

"He's here for a reason," Whitt said. "I'm not going to play around. I'm going to see if he can do it or not. If he can't, he won't. If he can, he will. I've been pleased with what he's done so far. With his length, a lot of balls don't go his way. I'm going to ask Aaron to throw more his way to see if he can cover."

"(King) hasn't given up many complete, but at the same time, when you see 6-foot-3 over there pressed up, balls don't go that way. They go other places."

Six NFL officials arrived in Green Bay Thursday and will be working the Packers' next three practices, including Saturday's annual Family Night practice.

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