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McCarthy wants more points

INDIANAPOLIS — Head Coach Mike McCarthy spoke to reporters on Friday about his plans to improve the team’s offense in 2011.


"This is something we've been preparing for," McCarthy said of the changes to his offensive coaching staff he announced on Friday. Those changes include reassigning veteran coach Edgar Bennett to coach wide receivers, following six years as the team's running backs coach.

"We have outstanding coaches in all three phases. It's a good coaching staff and we feel we need to get better as an offense and this coaching staff will get it done," McCarthy added.

Asked in what ways he wants his offense to improve in 2011, McCarthy said: "Score more points. The best offense in the league is the one that scores the most points. That'll be our focus. We plan on being a better offense next year."

Other changes on the offensive coaching staff include Jerry Fontenot stepping in as running backs coach after working with the offensive line. Joel Hilgenberg becomes the team's offensive quality control coach and John Rushing is assistant wide receivers/special teams coach.

The Packers were 10th in the league last year in points per game and finished in the top 10 in six of 16 critical offensive categories. Ninth overall and fifth in pass-offense, the Packers were 24th in rushing and McCarthy also spoke of wanting to improve the running game.

"The best thing you can do for a quarterback is run the football. We want to run the football. Balance isn't how many times you run the football, it's how many times the defense was playing you 50-50," McCarthy said. "If you're talking about winning Super Bowls, you gotta have more than one running back."

McCarthy is in Indianapolis for the scouting combine and he told reporters the Packers' run to the Super Bowl has caused him to fall behind in his preparation for this year's draft class. What he'll likely discover as he observes this weekend's workouts is that this year's crop of running backs is talented and deep.

"It kicks off the next season," McCarthy said of the combine. "That's how I've always viewed it. We're focused on the next season and putting together another good draft.

"Our football team is testament to what you can accomplish through the draft. We're a draft-and-develop football team. We believe in the draft and it's been good for us," McCarthy said.

McCarthy spoke on several subjects during a rather lengthy press conference. When asked about the competitiveness of the NFC North Division, it's important to note that he twice volunteered comment on the Detroit Lions.

"I definitely think Detroit is a team the rest of the league needs to be aware of," he said.

The rest of the league, so to speak, is of the opinion the Packers' recent Super Bowl win over the Steelers is the beginning of what will be a long run of postseason success. Asked for his opinion on the subject, McCarthy said:

"I'm worried about 2011. That's all I can focus on. It's nice when people say nice things about your football team. We're a young football team. We were built that way by design. I plan on going on a long run, too. We have to take care of business."

It would seem he has already started taking care of the new business of defending his team's championship.

"The biggest challenge we'll have in Green Bay is handling success. We'll have a meter to make sure we keep in tune with where we are," McCarthy said.

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