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Meet The New Green Bay Packers


In just a few short weeks, over 80 players donning the green and gold will take the field at the beginning of training camp with one common goal in mind: winning Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville, Fla.

But before they can hoist a trophy in the air in February, they must first survive the rigors of training camp in August, including two-a-day practices, the Wisconsin heat and humidity, four preseason games and not to mention, fierce competition for the right to continue calling themselves Green Bay Packers.

The Packers will trim their roster twice in the preseason, first on August 31, and again on September 5.

When all is said and done, only 53 players, plus a few practice squad members and NFL Europe players, will return to Lambeau Field to prepare for a run at the NFL's coveted Lombardi Trophy, beginning with a road game versus the defending NFC Champion Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.

With training camp quickly approaching, offers this inside look at some of the recently acquired free agents that will be battling for a spot on the Green Bay Packers' 2004 roster:

Sam Breeden (WR, 6-4, 210, 7/12/79, Rookie, Northwestern Okla. St.)

Kris Briggs (FB, 5-11, 242, 4/17/81, Rookie, Southern Methodist)

James Broyles (G, 6-4, 319, 5/18/79, 1st Year, Southwest Missouri State)

Nathan Chapman (P, 6-2, 190, 7/5/75, Rookie, No College)

Shockmain Davis (WR, 6-0, 206, 8/20/77, 2nd Year, Angelo State)

Chris Day (WR, 5-11, 180, 1/22/82, Rookie, Grambling State)

Dahrran Diedrick (RB 6-0, 225, 1/11/79, 1st Year, Nebraska)

Tony Donald (TE, 6-3, 248, 6/4/79, 1st Year, Western State (Colo.)

Junior Glymph (DE, 6-5, 270, 9/2/80, Rookie, Carson-Newman)

Joe Hayes (T/G, 6-4, 298, 6/15/81, Rookie, San Jose State)

Atlas Herrion (T/G, 6-4, 302, 12/3/80, Rookie, Alabama)

Jason Hilliard (T, 6-6, 328, 6/29/81, Rookie, Louisville)

Jason Horton (CB, 6-0, 193, 2/16/80, 1st Year, North Carolina A&T)

Kevin Jackson (LB, 6-4, 236, 11/10/81, Rookie, Hawaii)

Cullen Jenkins (DT/DE, 6-3, 292, 1/20/81, 1st Year, Central Michigan)

Jason Jimenez (T, 6-7, 315, 5/1/80, 1st Year, Southern Mississippi)

Maurice Jones (LB, 6-1, 240, 3/15/81, Rookie, South Florida)

Steve Josue (LB, 6-2, 230, 4/5/80, 1st Year, Carson-Newman)

Vonta Leach (FB, 6-0, 246, 11/6/81, Rookie, East Carolina)

Scott McBrien (QB, 6-0, 188, 2/14/80, Rookie, Maryland)

Ja'Dae McGuire (DE, 6-5, 274, 12/9/79, Rookie, West Virginia Tech)

Eric Powell (DE, 6-3, 268, 11/16/79, 1st Year, Florida State)

Frank Rice (WR, 6-0, 182, 2/2/78, Second Year, Colorado State)

Jermaine Taylor (LB, 5-10, 215, 11/29/81, Rookie, Bridgewater (Va.)

Wilson Thomas (WR, 6-5, 207, 10/21/79, 1st Year, Nebraska)

Forest Vance (G/C, 6-4, 295, 4/16/81, Rookie, California-Davis)

Scottie Vines (WR, 6-2, 220, 4/17/79, 1st Year, Wyoming)

Mitch White (G/T, 6-4, 303, 3/25/78, Second Year, Oregon State)

Walter Williams (RB, 6-1, 206, 9/8/77, Second Year, Grambling State)

Keith Willis (TE, 6-6, 258, 12/14/80, Rookie, Virginia Tech)

Check often for updated bios of the entire 2004 Green Bay Packers roster.

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