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Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conf. Transcript - Aug. 14


(What's the status of Ryan Grant?)
Ryan Grant took a blow to the head. He did not return. Pepper and the medical staff felt that he cleared quickly. But we'll take a close look at him tomorrow and Monday and make sure he is OK. Also Tom Crabtree had an examination on his hand. The x-rays were not very definitive so he will have another scan tomorrow. Those were our two injuries.

(Mike, at halftime you didn't seem happy with the way you started the game.)
I was not happy with the way we started the game and that was communicated to our football team. And they're not happy with the way we started the game. And it's an experience that we need to make sure we learn from. You don't start football games that way. It doesn't matter who you're playing, where you're playing, especially at Lambeau Field. So, it's a learning experience for our football team.

(At halftime, you seemed to indicate that some of that should fall on you too, as the head coach. What did you mean by that?)
I take a lot of pride in the way my team comes out onto the field. I'm not naïve to think they were going to play better or worse, but when your team comes out and the other team is playing at a little more, a different level, … the defensive drive, it was way too easy, going right down the field on us.  We come out and we fumble the ball on the first snap of offense. That's not the way the game of football is supposed to be played. So, our starting point was not where it needed to be and I always look in the mirror first when something like that happens.

(How would you assess your special teams with punting and returns?)
Well, punting, I thought they started out very well. I think both Chris and Tim, we needed some big punts there in the fourth quarter to change the field position and we did not get that part done, so that was a negative. But I can promise you that it's a competition that's being closely evaluated. Now that we have live tape to evaluate both and the opportunity to look in their eyes during the course of the game, we'll have more information as we go forward. It's going to take four games to evaluate the punting situation, I'm sure.   

(What do you think went into the slow start by the defense?)
It's the first preseason game. We did not start the game we should have. So, we're going to address that. And we'll look at the film and we'll look at it as an opportunity to learn from it.

(When Ryan got hurt, did you come into this game wanting to establish the run?)
Well, no. I didn't come in saying I wanted to run it or pass it. I think in today's game, especially in the preseason, their defense came in with a lot of pressure as their emphasis, which is excellent work for our offensive football team. I thought our first, really, first three quarters, with Aaron and Matt and the protection unit and the run blocking, it gives us some really good looks on the tape that we can learn from. To play against our defense every day in practice and then to come out here and see the amount of pressure we saw tonight, those are good things to help you prepare because I can promise Philadelphia is going to pressure us in Week 1. So there is going to be a lot of good film to learn from.

(Did Matt suffer some sort of abdominal injury before halftime?)
He took a shot, but he continued to play. He played through it… He took a shot as in he got hit in the rib. He didn't take a shot medically.

(Were you able to get much of a read on Bulaga's game?)
I can't really tell you individuals' performances, standing here. Preseason games are different for all head coaches I assume. I know for me in particular, there is a lot more that I'm watching. In a regular-season game you're more dialed into the offense and listening to the communication in the other two areas. But it was different for me tonight. It was important that everybody played, different combinations of how they played, getting the young returners in early in the game. We wanted them to handle the ball as much as possible to see where they are in their development. So, I did not single in on one person so I couldn't tell you how Bulaga played. I couldn't tell you -- I was asked how Morgan Burnett played -- I don't have those answers for you right now.

(It looked like Aaron was in midseason form.)
I thought Aaron was sharp. He managed the huddle very well, saw a lot of pressure and made the appropriate checks. He took advantage of the one-on-one opportunities. I thought the first offense, after the turnover, played well on the next two series and we didn't convert the third down on the fourth series.    

(You think you'll continue to rotate Colledge and Bulaga series by series at left guard?)
The film will answer that. I think that will be illustrated for everybody here at Monday's practice.

(Did you have any feelings about Mangini kicking that field goal that could have knocked this thing into overtime? I don't know how you feel about going into overtime.)
He made it didn't he? That was a heck of a kick.

(The first one, I mean.) *I don't judge the other team. He has a set of goals and objectives that he's trying to hit. It didn't bother me any. *

(It seemed like Brandon Chillar played a ton of snaps tonight. Are you a little bit worried about that?)
Well, the injury report is a big part of that. So, our outside linebacker numbers are not very good right now. Hopefully we get some guys back healthy and help us out in Seattle.

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