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Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conf. Transcript - Dec. 12


(Injuries coming out of the game)
I'll start with the injuries. Daryn Colledge and Frank Zombo both sustained knee injuries and did not return. Aaron Rodgers had a concussion and did not return. With that I'll take your questions.

(How does Aaron feel in comparison to how he felt coming out of the Washington game when he also sustained a concussion?)

I can't really measure the level of his concussion right now. It is something that he'll go through the normal protocol. I was told his head is clear, he has a headache. He was kind of groggy those two plays he stayed in there on, so that's when we made the decision to pull him.

(What kind of reaction did he have after those two plays when it was decided that he would come out?)

I don't have the specifics of exactly how he was feeling. It [was] the opinion of the medical and of Aaron that it was best for him not to go. 

(Did you get a sense yet of how severe the two knee injuries were?)

I do not have that yet.

(How much of an uphill battle was it to try and come back without Aaron in charge of the offense?)

It's no excuse; it's no excuse at all. We played poor on offense today, and that starts with me. We were poor and I'm not very pleased about it. I thought our defense, we started a little slow, they ran the ball too much on us defensively, but for the most part we kept them out of the end zone.  We had the big turnovers and kept them to seven points. I thought our special teams played very well; I have a lot of respect for [Stefan] Logan and the way they used him both on teams and on offense, so I thought we did a good job with that. Offensively, they were in our backfield all day, we lost the battle up front. We had the two big turnovers, particularly in the first quarter, potential points on the board and three points, that's not cutting it.

(Did it appear to you that the team came out a little flat?)

I didn't like the way we started, they were playing faster than we were. There was no reason behind it; we had as many fans in the stands, so the atmosphere and everything [wasn't the issue]. I didn't see any signs of this during the week of preparation; I thought the week of preparation was a good week. It wasn't a great week, but I thought they were definitely dialed and I made a point of this type of game last night in the team meeting and that's what is frustrating to me. To come over here, knowing the importance of a division game and to start the game the way we did, we need to quit having these types of lessons, particularly this late in the year. The positive part about is that everything that we still want to accomplish is in front of us. We need to get to work tomorrow, and like we always do, we'll go through the film, grade it, correct it, be accountable and we need to get ready for New England.

(What went into the decision to put T.J. Lang in ahead of Jason Spitz at left guard in the second half?)

Performance; clearly performance, yes.

(How did you think Matt Flynn did with his opportunity?)

I thought he did a good job; he managed the game very well, he was in some tough spots. The interception down there in the red zone, obviously was not a good read, but I thought he did a very good job first and second down, I thought third down he was in tough spots with the particular pass rush they put on him. We had the chance for the big play on the fourth-and-two and I probably should not have put him in that position. It was the defense we thought we were going to get there and the match-up and we just didn't execute it.

(Was that your decision to throw it deep on that play, was that the call you sent in?)

Yes, absolutely.

(How many days of testing did Rodgers have to go through after his last concussion?)

It's a process. If you want the specifics, Jeff [Blumb] could probably give that to you.

(On the last drive, on the third down throw to Donald Driver, did the ball slip out of Flynn's hand on that one?)

That's what it looked like. It looked like it slipped out of his hands, yes.

(On the third down broken play earlier in the fourth quarter there looked to be a miscommunication between Flynn and John Kuhn. Did Flynn go the wrong way there?)

Correct. On the third-and-one, he made a mistake.

(Did you think about challenging the incompletion to Jennings that would have been a touchdown if reversed?)

We had a look at it up in the booth and the information I had, led me not to challenge that call.

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