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Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 16

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference Saturday night from San Francisco. - More Packers-49ers Game Center

(Any injury updates?)

Don't have any. I didn't get a chance to talk to Pepper or Dr. McKenzie.

(What happened on the play Evan Moore got hurt?)

I never saw the replay. My understanding is that he took a helmet right above the knee.

(Are you concerned with the first-team offense?)

I'm not pleased with it at all. That wasn't a very good performance for us offensively. Just to recap the evening, I thought the defense started strong and gave us an opportunity with field position. I thought our first-down efficiency was not very good pretty much the whole game, so we'll take a long look at the film and we'll definitely correct it. We've got a lot of work to do before we play Denver.

(Saw a lot of pressure tonight - what was with the protection?)

The protection wasn't very good. It looked like they had push in the pocket consistently, so it's really something that I thought was a common thread through the game. I thought the 49ers played with better pad level than us. I was not pleased with our pad level and our footwork throughout the game. I thought they were more physical than we were, and that' know. I need to get that fixed. So I did not have the team prepared, and we will get that done this week.

(How would you rate Aaron Rodgers' performance?)

Well the productivity wasn't there for the offense, so you can never sit and say the quarterback played well when that doesn't happen. There are some decisions I'm sure we'll look at and we'll learn from based on once again the whole offense. It was not a good evening for any of our quarterbacks.

(How can a loss like this affect the team?)

Well it needs not to affect them. That's the good thing about playing this poorly in preseason. This is an excellent opportunity for our team to learn from this, and I'll take full advantage of this opportunity for our football team to learn from this, whether it's the quarterback, free safety, defensive linemen, throughout our football team.

(Two 15-yard penalties - is that something you're mad about?)

Something that was an emphasis if you can believe that or not. Coming into the game we had two personal fouls last week against Cincinnati and we had a couple more tonight. We had way too many penalties.

(With all the turmoil going on in Wisconsin, was it good for you and Aaron to come out to the Bay Area?)

I don't view it that way. We came out here to play a football game. I'm sure on a personal note it was nice to see some people, but this is our profession. We didn't do our job tonight, and we'll definitely learn from this experience.

(Do you have to start thinking strongly about getting a veteran backup quarterback?)

No, once again I've answered this question, and I'll continue to answer it the same way. We have work to do, and it's going to take the whole preseason to get it done. That answer will never change.

(What happened with the protection?)

A lot of push, a lot of push in the pocket and so once again, I think it goes back to the pad - I thought the pad level when you looked across the line, I thought it was high. We have a long flight back so I'm sure I'll have the offense graded before we hit the Rocky Mountains. We've got work to do. That was a poor fundamental performance.

{sportsad300}(How good was it to have Aaron goes through a night like this in the preseason?)

This is a great experience to learn from. By no means do we think this was going to be easy for any of the quarterbacks. They're young. Experience is not on their side. They need to play games. We played a game tonight and we didn't play very well. The other team got the best of us in a number of different areas. So how he handles that in the first quarter, it's important, because no matter how bad it goes, you may be sitting there in the fourth quarter and it's a 10-point game, and you need to get in there and make the plays to win the game. This is an experience that I promise you our football team will learn from.

(Did you want to have better run-pass balance in the first half?)

You play these preseason games, you play them a little differently. It's not like you're sitting there playing the defense ... there's things in the game plan for different reasons. We did some things from a protection standpoint. We like to play against a 3-4 team every preseason because it is foreign to us when we get into the regular season. It's not the normal for us, because our whole division is a Tampa 2 type defense, so we did some things differently to get them repped. Now that's no excuse. I'm not saying that. You don't always call plays the same in preseason as you do in the regular season. As far as run and pass, I don't really have a problem with the way it shook out. It's a little different thought process.

(What happened on the long touchdown pass?)

Well, it was obviously a coverage breakdown, and as far as who did what, I don't have that for you. Guys aren't supposed to run free to the trip side like they did. I don't recall the coverage, but we did have a player over the top there.

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