Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Aug. 28

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(Injury update?)

Junius Coston had a knee injury and did not return. Jansen had a knee and did not return. That's all the information I have right now.

(Why just one series for the starters?)

That was the goal going into it and I didn't think it was going to be one play. I thought about putting them back out there but our number one priority for the first group was to come out of the game healthy. We felt like our body of work to this point was enough information to answer the questions that we have. This game for us was about the evaluation of a number of our younger players, particularly the players that played most of the game.

(Has your pecking order changed after Aaron (Rodgers) tonight? If not, can you assess?)

I think both our young quarterbacks were in some tough spots, particularly early in the game - probably the whole first half. Frankly, I liked the way they went about their business. I thought they both attacked the game for as tough as it got in certain spots in the game I've already alluded to. They kept battling. They did some good things. I thought Matt (Flynn) made some big plays down at the end, but once again it's information that you're using to develop the quarterbacks and we'll continue to do that and we'll say it for about the 100th time. It takes time to develop young quarterbacks and that's where we are. I'm excited about their future, but we've got work to do.

(What do you think you've learned about Aaron as a starter now that you've seen him through training camp as a starter?)

I think Aaron's ready to play. I felt that before the preseason started. I think he's done all the things needed to prepare himself for this opportunity. I think he's had a very productive preseason as far as his production in the game in the preseason games. He's had a very good week of practice even with the cut back reps. He's ready to go, so I have no concerns about Aaron Rodgers.

(With the season starting next weekend, how comfortable are you with your backup quarterbacks?)

I'm as comfortable as I was going into the game. I thought they took another step forward and they need time, and we'll continue to develop them. I think they both have a great future.

(Even though it does take time do you give them that time during their rookie seasons or do you bring in a veteran that can finish a game for you)

Those are all options. There is a lot more information than tonight's game that will determine the answer to your question.I'm in charge in coaching the players that are here. These particular quarterbacks, I'm excited about it. Once again they need time to develop. And we are developing them and they are doing a good job and will continue to get better. So, I'm comfortable with our three quarterbacks.

(Can you still say definitively Brian is the number two quarterback and Matt is the number three quarterback?)

That's why we play the games. We'll come in tomorrow just like we have every preseason games. We'll grade the games, talk about it as a staff. Walking off the field tonight, I feel that they both did a number of positive things. I think there's things they can learn from. There's mistakes they made they can learn from. I think they played to the speed of the game as they did the past three games. Those are all things to talk about. I understand Matt throw a couple touchdown passes and I'm excited for him. But it's a process. It's not about one game, it's not about one day. It's a process to get the young quarterbacks ready to play and develop at the same time. It's a challenge.

(If J.J. Jansen couldn't make it next week is Rob Davis an option?)

I don't have enough information on J.J. And I think Rob is comfortable in his position. You'd have to ask Rob that.

(Did you consider not going for two to not extend the game and possibly get someone hurt?)No, we're going to go for two. It's important to win the game.

(You said you gave it some thought to putting the starters back out there. Did you give any more thought about sending Ryan Grant out there and get him some carries?)

Thought about it, decided against it, obviously. I don't what else to tell you.

(What did you think about Lumpkin?)

I thought Lumpkin did a good job. He runs physical. He continues to improve. He breaks tackles. He's a better player when he gets past the line of scrimmage than I originally thought. He gets more comfortable. ... You see the physicality of his play has increased and I thought he did some good things tonight. Our ballcarriers and quarterbacks were put in some tough spots now. They had free runners running at them. The quarterbacks were getting hit and the running backs were avoiding people in the backfield. I thought they did a nice job for the most part.

(Did the catch by Jennings happen right in front of you? Did you see what the safety did?)

It was cloud. It was half. And I thought he came out of his break flat from what I saw out on the field. But that's all I got for you.

(Did you get a good enough look at Desmond Bishop?)

I thought Desmond Bishop played well. That second defense...If we didn't turn that ball over, we're hanging right in there. I thought the lack of productivity on offense wore our defense down. That long drive in the third quarter took a lot out of that group. But I was very pleased with the way the second defense played.

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