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Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 22

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference transcript Monday from Soldier Field in Chicago. - More Packers-Bears Game Center

OK, I'll start with the injuries. Donald Driver banged his knee. He did return. Aaron Rouse had an ankle sprain, but he returned after one play. Johnny Jolly had an ankle at the end, did not return. James Jones banged his knee again at the end there, and Joe Porter had a concussion, did not return. Those are the injuries.

(You've lost seven close games now. Does it get worse every time?)

We lost a game tonight to the Chicago Bears. It doesn't feel very good. I'm not thinking about the other games right now, to answer your question. It was a tough, hard-fought football game like they always are. We had a lot of opportunities. They made some key plays, particularly on special teams that factored in the outcome. You come down here, you have obstacles you run into every game, and we didn't make enough plays to win.

(The kick that they blocked, was it low?)

It looked low to me. I did not have all the communication as far as the mechanics and everything involved.

(Can you talk about Aaron's performance?)

I thought Aaron had a solid day. He had the one interception on the quick throw there, but we had some big-play opportunities on offense that we didn't hit. We had a chance to get behind them a couple times, but other than that I thought he managed the game very well, kept us in favorable run checks for the most part throughout the game, threw the ball well in the conditions. I thought Aaron had a solid game.

(What happened with the defense on the 3rd-and-9 at the end?)

I was on the other side of the field. My understanding was there was a pick, and I think A.J. was the one who got picked.

(How about the play toward the end where Donald Lee was open?)

There's three options in the play and he had some penetration on the left side which made him come to the back side. Donald Lee is actually the primary receiver. There was penetration on his left if you look at the play. That's why he comes back to the right so fast.

(How close were you to running a play-action pass there at the end?)

It was an option. We had those as options, run and pass options but as far as the drive, managing the clock and everything, I'm very comfortable with the way the last three downs are called.

(What did you see on the Rouse penalty in overtime?)

I was standing right there. Tough call, tough call in a tough time in the game, so it obviously factored in favorable field position for the Bears, but I'm sure we'll get our report in the middle of the week.

(Did some of the things that Aaron missed earlier in the game affect your play calling at the end?)

I have full confidence in Aaron Rodgers. I have no problem calling any pass play. I think it was evident as much as we threw the ball down the field. They have a very good pass rush. It's part of their defense and the way they're built. I thought we played aggressive tonight, we played to win, especially from the quarterback position. I didn't think we were conservative at all.

(So the conditions didn't prevent you from passing the ball as much as you would like?)

Well you come out in pregame, and we all watch the wind all day. Thank God we didn't play yesterday. We were able to get out there and throw the ball in pregame. I just watched Aaron throw the ball. I didn't take anything out, so I'll just say that. We didn't take anything out of the plan, and we exercised the plan that we practiced all week.

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