Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Dec. 23

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Okay, the one injury we had in the game - Greg Jennings left with an ankle and they're still checking him out. With that, I'll take your questions.

(on the weather conditions)

Well, I'll say this, Chicago handled it a lot better than we did. There is no doubt about that. It's no excuse. Our performance was poor today in all three phases. We did not handle the football every well. We had the ball on the ground too many times, Chicago did not. They handled the ball very well. The footing we tried to emphasize as much as we could the last couple of days. Playing with good balance, keeping your feet underneath you. I felt we were on the ground way too much today, so we didn't handle it very well.

(on the struggles)

Well, we didn't do anything very well. Our run blocking was sporadic in the beginning and was not very good in the second half. Pass protection we had some breakdowns in protection versus their pressure, and obviously you don't want to throw the ball that many times particularly in that wind, so we were playing uphill, especially when it got to be a three-score game.

(on the punting)

Well, we didn't handle the snap very good, and I know the ball moved on him a couple of times but really the punt protection we need to clean up. We have two problems there, but it's part of the game. They played in it also.

(on limiting the damage early)

I guess that's a positive if you're looking for one. The time of possession, 22 minutes in the first half, I thought factored. When Ryan hit the run there, we had a chance to get back in the game and had the series right there before the two minute where we had good, probably our best field position of the day and we did not take advantage of that and turn it around and turn it into points for Chicago. So, we did not play very well at all.

(on the end of the first half)

We were in a two-minute offense, so actually the first pass was a run-pass at the line of scrimmage. If you look at the play, it's actually a run where he throws the backside look. I don't think that really factored in the series, but we were in a two-minute offense was the situation.

(more on the conditions)

I was down here with the 49ers a few years back, very similar game. I would say this was worse. It was a lot colder than I recall the San Francisco game (being). But yeah, those are probably the two worst games that I've coached in, and they've both been here in Chicago.

(on the passing game)

I don't know how many times we threw it today - I haven't seen the statistics - but the plan was not to throw the ball that many times, I can tell you that.

(on the effects of the weather?)

Yeah, but that's no excuse. We prepared for the weather. We met about it Friday, watched the forecast and then Saturday morning went through the whole thing with the quarterbacks. As far as the approach to the game, I'm comfortable with it. The execution was very poor.

(on what to take from the loss)

In the big picture, it's not a setback because our focus was about improving. I thought that was important as we prepared for the playoffs. Frankly, some of the things that manifested today in my opinion showed up last week against St. Louis. I thought I addressed them this week in practice. I obviously didn't get that done, so that's my responsibility. We need to clean our house, starting Wednesday, and we need to go out and perform well against Detroit. Now as far as how we're going to play our players, and so forth, I'm not ready to really answer those questions. You need to perform better than the way we did today. I'm very disappointed in our performance.

(on switching the guards)

Just something that we thought would help us game-plan wise, and as far as the relationships of the guard with the tackle and so forth, and trying once again to solidify that situation at guard. That's still not a clean operation for us, and that's why we're still doing what we're doing.

(on considering taking Brett out)

No I didn't. I didn't even consider it. I don't have an answer for you.

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