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Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Jan. 20

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference following Sunday’s NFC Championship at Lambeau Field. - More Audio | Video | Watch ’The Mike McCarthy Show’ Packers-Giants Game Center

We had opportunities to win the football game. I would first like to congratulate the New York Giants and Tom Coughlin. I thought they played very well this evening. We had a number of opportunities we didn't take advantage of, clearly ending with the series there in overtime. We weren't as sharp as we needed to be in a number of segments. It was a very disappointing loss.

(What lesson was learned from the game?)

I think it's important to keep your eye on the target. To me, this is a season of tremendous progress. We made a lot of progress as a football team. We were able to win a lot of games. We put ourselves in position for home-field advantage in the NFC Championship game. But we didn't finish the race. That's the lesson we need to learn. It's a tough lesson, especially in front of our home crowd. It's disappointing, it's going to take some time to move on from this, but this is a lesson we will learn from. And we will move on and continue to grow.

(What did you tell the team after the game?)

I was fairly brief. It's disappointing, a number of things that I've already stated. We made a lot of progress. We had a number of opportunities tonight. We didn't play our best football. I had an opportunity to tell them how much I appreciate what they've done for the organization and the effort they gave.

(What happened on the interception in overtime?)

I couldn't tell you particularly about the throw. I was expecting pressure there, so I was watching the protection. We did have a weak side pressure and we were able to pick it up. Actually when my eyes came up, I just saw the end result with the interception there on our boundary. Obviously, with the defense going on the field in that situation, I never had communication with the offensive coaches or saw the picture.

(What is Brett's state of mind?)

I have not spoken to Brett one-on-one, so I couldn't tell you.

(Did it look like Brett was reverting back to his bad habits?)

I think there were a couple opportunities that he tried to take that were in tight spots or maybe into coverage. We were not very sharp in the second half. I thought our defense, after the third quarter, gave us some opportunities, particularly with the missed field goals. The three-and-outs hurt. Third down was a problem all day. We didn't throw it and catch it. We weren't in tune with the passing game like we normally are.

(How did your guys handle the conditions?)

I don't think the conditions factored. I thought our players were very comfortable out there. The wind was not an issue. It was clearly a much better environment than the one we experienced in Chicago. I don't feel the conditions were a factor.

(What did the Giants do to stop Grant?)

I thought they played good run defense. We didn't do a very good job of knocking them off the ball and I was not really committed to the running game today.

(Was the defense on the field too long?)

40 minutes is a long time, the time of possession. Part of that is the third down, production on the offense. You have to generate first downs. I think we were 1-for-10 and that's not normally how we play on third down. We were not very sharp.

(Will Brett return?)

It's a postseason conversation. I know we have just entered that but we will talk about it in a timely fashion, maybe tomorrow. Our plan is to move forward the same way we did last year.

(Do you have a sense that he's leaning towards coming back?)

I don't have anything for you. We have not had that conversation.

(What are you feeling emotionally right now?)

It doesn't feel very good.

(What are your thoughts on Al Harris' struggles today?)

I thought Al has some tough spots early in the game. That's the way we play. I thought Eli made some really tight throws in there to Plaxico. But I thought we did a much better job in the second half.

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