Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 2

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference following Sunday’s contest with Tennessee at LP Field. - More Packers-Titans Game Center

(Did the defense get too tired there at the end?)

I wouldn't classify it as that. We didn't perform well enough at the end to win the game. I thought it was a hard fought football game, and they were able to move the ball in their 2-minute drill; they made some plays in the 2-minute drill for the first attempt, and the second time we didn't stop the run. I thought our team conditioning wise was in pretty good shape. They play a slowed-down tempo game, we play an up-tempo game on offense, so I didn't feel conditioning was a factor.

(You were able to run against them better than most have. How did you have success against their defense?)

Well, we had some things schematically that we liked against their defense. I would've liked to run it more. Ryan Grant got nicked a few times, came in and out of the game a few times, and we had some checks at the line and so forth based on the defense they gave us, but I felt for the most part we ran the ball efficiently.

(What was the feeling going into overtime?)

Yeah, we felt good about it. We definitely liked the position we were in, even kicking off to them, even when we lost the coin toss. We were expecting the defense to stop them and get good field position. It didn't work out that way.

(Did you consider the field goal with Mason?)

The mark was the 40-yard line. I think we were at the 42-, 43-yard line. I was disappointed in the third-down production frankly, based on the defense they had called and the play that we had called. My initial thought was to go for it, but I didn't really like the time left on the clock at that point of the game. The decision was to punt. We had them backed up to the 8. I still think it was the right decision.

(You had a couple of turnovers. Did you feel like you almost had to come in here and play perfect?)

No, I don't think you can go in and try to play perfect. What's the difference playing perfect and playing scared? I think they're the same thing in my view. I think you have to come in and play your game. We came in and played aggressive, I thought that was evident in the way the game was called offensively, and we were able to hit on some. But two turnovers and four sacks - you've got to give credit to their defense. They're a good football team, well coached. We didn't make enough plays when it counted to win the game. That's really the bottom line.

(Is it encouraging to take a team like them to overtime?)

No disrespect to your question or the Tennessee Titans - we don't view it that way. We have respect for them. We had a chance to watch them on Monday Night Football. They play physical. They've always played physical in my travels down here or playing them. But we play physical also. We knew it was going to be a physical, tough, hard-nosed football game, we knew it was going to be a tight game. We didn't make enough plays to win the game.

(You were able to sack Collins twice. Was it a good rush or coverage down the field?)

I'd say the combination of both, just to answer your question. Just the way we play coverage, the ability to take away the primary receiver as much as you can, and also rush the passer. It's usually always a combination of both with us.

(What was Clifton's injury)

Chad had an illness; just very unusual situation. Frankly, it was 10:28 and we turn in the inactives in at 10:30am, so we had to make a decision. I thought the doctors did a great job trying to get him ready for the game. He probably could have played in the second half, but we just stayed the course with the group that we started with.

(Was it the flu?)

He had a reaction, some type of reaction. I don't know the medical term - he had a reaction to some medication.

(How do you think the offensive line did?)

Well, anytime you shuffle on that quick of notice, I think you have to give credit to that. I thought the run game, the run-blocking unit was productive. It looked like we had some chances for some potential big runs. A couple of no gains and 1-yard runs, that's not what you're looking for. Without seeing the film, I can't tell you if it was the run-blocking unit or the back. I thought they were OK.


They blitzed more people than we had blocking.

(Could you talk about the interception Rodgers threw in the end zone?)

Well, it was man-free. They brought a secondary off the slot and we picked it up. I thought the protection was good. I could not tell you where the safety was headed. Greg Jennings was the No. 2 receiver in the route, so without seeing the film I couldn't tell you. My understanding was it was man-free based on what I saw. Now I'm sure the safety was tilting to the two receiver side.

(On the long pass to Jennings in the fourth quarter)

I'm not a "what if?" person. We need to make those plays. It's our responsibility to create those opportunities and responsibility of getting it done. We didn't make enough of them. They made more plays than we did, and that's why they won the game.

(On Driver's performance)

Yeah, Donald, it starts with him, it really does, with the wide receiver group. He sets the tempo for those guys, leads by example, practices all the time regardless. Just plays with incredible passion. I can't say enough good things about Donald.

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