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Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Nov. 4

Read Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference Sunday from Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. - More Audio | Video | Watch ’The Mike McCarthy Show’ Packers-Chiefs Game Center

Okay I'll start with the injuries. Tracy White had an ankle; he did return. Nick Collins had a knee; he did not return. Corey Williams also had a knee; he did not return. Ryan Grant had a possible concussion. He missed some of the fourth quarter.

(What happened with that fourth quarter?)

That was a heck of a football game. I'm sure it was a great game to watch with the change of momentums and a great environment for the home team. It's an excellent win for us. We knew this was a tough football team coming in here. Offensively, for us to score (over) 20 points - first time they've given up over 20 points this year - I think it's a credit to our guys. We had some big plays, some key plays in the fourth quarter. Defensively, I thought we did an excellent job in the first half. We had some plays there and some things we need to clean up there defensively, and I thought special teams was solid. What can you say about Mason Crosby - I thought he had a heck of a day.

(Were you worried at all about challenging that catch in the fourth quarter knowing you could lose your final timeout?)

Actually, the call came from the box. It was a great job by the coaches up top. I did not see it. We didn't get the replay down below. It was on the other sideline, but that clearly came from the coaches' box. That's a great job on their behalf.

(What makes you guys so successful on the road?)

I wish I knew - I'd bottle it and sell it. It's a great bunch of guys that prepare, they focus, and I just can't say enough about how the find different ways to win. It's something we talk about a lot as a football team, and week-in and week-out somebody is stepping up to the plate to make the key play.

(Is this special to come back here and win?)

I've spent some time here. This was my first NFL job. I have great respect for the organization, the Hunt family. Carl Peterson and Marty Schottenheimer gave me my first opportunity. I think the world of Herm Edwards. I think he does a great job. This is a special place.

(What do you think about where your team sits through 8 games?)

Well, we're halfway through. A good start. We're in first place. We have a key division game coming up. We were able to beat Minnesota up there, so that's really where our focus is. We're entering the third quarter of our season. I know Detroit is playing really well, so they're right behind us. We have a lot of football left, and we still have some work to do. I think it's evident in some of the negatives that went on in the game. Some of the repeated mistakes - we need to fix that. I cannot say enough about our players week-in and week-out. People are stepping up and finding a way to win games.

(What did you think of Brett's performance especially in the second half?)

Well, the two interceptions - really the first one Greg Jennings thought Brett was getting ready to scramble because Brett actually stepped up in the pocket and went to his right, so Greg stopped on his route and was getting ready to go into scramble mode and obviously Brett threw the ball. The second one, he had some pressure. From what I was told, he hit his arm on a lineman or something. It wasn't a very good throw. Those are competitive interceptions. They happen. At halftime, to go in there down by a point was frustrating. I thought we had the ball on the ground too much. Those are the types of things I'm talking about. Those are repeated mistakes you have to eliminate from your game because that's how you lose games.

(A lot of people are probably asking how you're 7-1. Is there an easy answer?)

We've won seven games. I don't mean to be sarcastic. I think the key last year for us is the way we finished and the way we carried it over in the offseason. This is a very confident football team, but they're also very in tune with the improvements that need to be made. I think with that, being extremely honest with yourself gives you a chance to grow. Hey, every NFL game comes down to four or five plays. We actually made one or two more than Kansas City today.

(on the deep passing)

Well, we were able to get behind them in our sub group and in our one back group just based off of the way we were going to run the ball. The key to the two big ones to Donald are the run game because both of those plays came off of runs in those formations earlier. The big one to Greg was just really a matchup with Greg Jennings on their linebacker in the Tampa-2. Protection was obviously key there. We're just executing our base concepts and guys are playing well.

{sportsad300}(on Brett beating all 31 other teams)

Yeah, that's incredible. I know both Peyton and Tom Brady have accomplished that. I think it's incredible to be able to say that. You see how long it's taken Brett, and he's won more games in the National Football League than anybody, so that's an excellent record.

(How big was Woodson's interception?)

Huge, huge play in the game. Just anticipated the play. I've said it over and over again - he's the most instinctive perimeter defensive player that I've ever been around. He's very intelligent. The punt return and his pick were huge plays in the game.

(What did they do with Gonzalez that you weren't able to stop him?)

I don't know anyone that has. Tony Gonzalez is a great player. He was the key to our gameplan, keep the production on him down. We did not execute that. You have to take your hat off to him. We had him doubled most of the day, playing him in and out with linebackers and safeties, safeties and corners. They did a great job executing.

(What are you most proud of with your football team?)

The way they fight, the confidence, the toughness. We talk about it all the time - being smart, tough, fundamentally sound. We could play a little smarter at times. I think we've clearly established ourselves as a tough football team, and the fundamentally sound part is one of the areas I referred to that we need to continue to work at that. Smart, tough, fundamentally sound - I think when you accomplish the style of football you're trying to emulate, that's when you win football games. I think that's the point we've hit in our season.

(Mike, do you know the extent of Collins' injury?)

I haven't talked to the trainer, haven't talked to anybody about any injuries.

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