Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Oct. 7

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I will start with the injuries. DeShawn Wynn had cramps. He had an IV and returned in the second half. Greg Jennings had a shoulder. He returned in the second half following negative x-rays. Scott Wells got poked in the eye. He did not return. With that I'll take your questions.

(What happened with the ball security today? Will you revisit it this week?)

We revisit it every day. We revisit it every day in practice. We revisit it every day in OTAs, training camp. It's very important when you set particular objectives in a football game as part of your game plan that you go out and execute them. We had a number of turnovers that game that took points off the board. We were in a great rhythm early. Like I said, it took points off the board. You cannot turn the football over and win in this league. Its evident week in and week out and that's the game we played tonight.

(What did you say to Jones on the sideline?)

Don't turn the ball over. Hold onto the ball.

(What happened on Urlacher's interception?)

Bad decision. The primary receiver ran out of bounds, a poor, poor route there. We had a crossing route and I think Brett was trying to squeeze it in to the run-away for the first down.

(What adjustments did the Bears make?)

The Bears came out and played us every single snap the second half in two-deep. We had excellent opportunities to run the football. I'm disappointed in our run game, frankly, in the second half - especially the way we ran the ball in the first half. I need to look at the film. The penalties, we had twice as many penalties as our opponent, mostly in the second half, long down and distance. I thought it was a totally sloppy no-rhythmic football game. It totally flipped from the first half. I thought in the first half that our tempo was great. We came out of the gate, went right down the field and scored. I thought we were going to have a big night on offense. You have to give credit to Chicago. They played stingy run defense. Their run defense was better than our run offense in the second half. It was a big part of their success because we didn't move the ball very well.

(How did you address the team?)

We didn't talk about being in first place tonight, I can promise you that. We talked about the football game, what happened in that football game, how important it is to win those games when you have an opportunity to win. I think it's a perfect example of a team that came in here, they found a way to win that game. They had some things that went against them early. We have to take care of the football. We can't have twice as many - good calls or bad calls - as your opponent. It was a sloppy game in the second half. We will get in here tomorrow and look at the film. Win or lose, we need to improve. I say it over and over again. I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing it. To play the way we did in the first half and not finish that game is disappointing.

(What did you do when they went 2-deep?)

When they go 2-deep that means they have seven in the box. It's a great opportunity to run the football. They did a number of their stunts. We made some mental errors. We played in unfavorable down and distances. We need to learn from that and fix those things.

(Can you talk about your running game in the first half?)

When we came into the game we wanted to play with balance. A balance run-pass ratio was our plan. The game looked like the way we wanted it to look in the first half. The turnovers, once again, I keep going back to it. I thought our guys played hard. I thought they were prepared. It was evident with the way we started. The energy was great. I thought the crowd was fantastic. It's a great environment to play in. You're playing against your division rival. We had an opportunity to win that game and we didn't win. That's a good win for Chicago.

(Do you know what happened on the illegal formation penalty on Corey Williams?)

I know exactly what happened and we need to get that rectified. That's a discussion that has to happen between us and the league or the officials.

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