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Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Sept. 14

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s post-game press conference from Ford Field in Detroit following Sunday’s game against the Lions. - More Packers-Lions Game Center

(On handling the rough part of the game)

Well, it was a transition period, and I think anytime your team goes through a transition, whether it's positive or negative, you need to make sure everybody stays the course. I just didn't want to see any panic, which I thought the sideline was great. Guys stayed up, no one blinked, and I think it really showed the character of our football team the way they responded.

(On Woodson's performance, fighting through injury?)

Charles is a great player. He's been a true pro for us, time and time again. He has the ability to play through injury. (He) didn't even practice all week and to go out and perform at the level he did today, I just can't say enough about him and what his production obviously meant to our win today because I felt, just individually, he turned that game around in the fourth quarter.

(On Rodgers)

I thought Aaron put together a fine performance. There are a couple of things he can learn from. I thought he did a really good job of using his feet to stay out of bad situations, very decisive with the ball. I thought he threw the ball very well today. I thought he had a nice day today.

(On confidence in Rodgers)

Well, I think the play calling reflected it. We kept pushing the envelope, and I think that speaks volumes about the coaches and everybody involved having confidence with Aaron to stay aggressive, and I thought he managed it very well. That's part of the growing process of the play caller and the quarterback, and everybody goes through it when you're playing games for the first time, and it's definitely something that we can build off of as we move forward.

(On the big play to Jennings in the fourth quarter)

Yeah, he was the primary receiver and we had a situation where the coverage dictated one option to the other as far as the pass concept. Aaron did a great job putting us in the right pass concept and threw a nice ball, and that was obviously another big play in the game for us.

(On getting a road win)

Well, winning on the road is very difficult. That's something that we spent a lot more time preparing for as a team with the crowd noise and so forth, especially playing in a dome stadium up here. So, it's very important to start stacking successes, to go into an environment that challenges you. I was just pleased with the way our team finished the game.


Yes, we had Korey Hall with a knee, did not return. I don't have the specifics on that. Atari Bigby had a cramp in his hamstring, did not return.

(On the team's status)

I feel 2-0. I think we are normal. The thing we've always focused on is winning football games. We had a big home opener against the Vikings on Monday Night Football. I'm not naïve to everything circling around it. I thought our guys did a great job preparing for that game and doing what we needed to do to win that game. And then coming up here on a short week, I thought our week's work was very good Wednesday and Thursday. We didn't really finish things off the way they needed to be on Friday, and I think the game today emulated that. And that's what I told the team after the game. We did a lot of good things today in this football game - I mean we won by over three touchdowns. But you could tell, just the feeling in the locker room, is that we made some big mistakes, and those are the things we need to eliminate as we move forward. It's an excellent win. Winning is all that matters, and that's our focus. But there are a lot of things in this game that we can build off and learn from.

(On Ryan Grant's hamstring)

Well, that was more of the reps. And I thought Brandon Jackson did a very good job with his opportunities, and I wanted to get Kregg Lumpkin some snaps in there also. So we went into the game looking to rotate all three of those guys.

(On Rodgers' scrambling)

I thought he played very smart outside of the pocket except for the one play, the scramble. He took a hit, it was totally unnecessary, and he's not to do that again. I'm saying it on TV so maybe you guys will keep showing it over and over again, and he'll get the message. But I thought he did a very good job of being smart with his feet.

{sportsad300}(On whether there was any panic)

Oh, I don't think so. The things I watch are the sideline, the energy on the sideline, the communication. We didn't do the things the way we were doing them earlier in the game. This is pro football. It's a four-quarter game. You've got to give credit to our opponent. We knew they were going to fight all the way to the end on this thing, so it doesn't surprise me that they were in a position to try and fight back into the game. My focus is always on what we're doing, what we can do better, and I think the team did a good job of that.

(On Calvin Johnson)

I thought Calvin made some big plays, really ignited their team. The big slant play that he bobbled and caught was a big play in the football game. He's an exciting young player, very talented, definitely worthy of where he was picked, and he's exciting to watch when you're not playing against him.

(On Jennings)

Excellent player. He really does a good job of all the little things, has the ability to break the tackles, make all the catches. He's been able to get behind some people of late and also do some things with the ball in his hands in the three step game. Greg put up big numbers today - I think it was a career high for yards for him - but just real excited with the way he's playing and the connection with Aaron has with Greg and really the whole receiver group. It's nice when you see your perimeter group on the same page.

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