Mike McCarthy Post-Game Press Conference Transcript - Sept. 3

Read the transcript of Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s press conference following Thursday night’s preseason finale at LP Field in Nashville. - More Packers-Titans Game Center

(What is the extent of Raji's injury?)

He has a sprained ankle.

(Was it severe? A high ankle sprain?)

We'll know more in the morning. It's kind of normal at this stage right after the game. I'm hopeful that it's not serious. I don't have anything to believe that it is serious.

(What did you want to get out of tonight?)

Well, we wanted to play a lot of these younger guys and get a lot of quality work. Unfortunately we had some injuries that put some of our guys in a tough spot. I thought the second quarter was not the type of football that we're looking for. I thought the team was able to bounce back in the second half. We were able to flip the field position on special teams. I thought Brian Brohm was in a good rhythm with the offense, thought we ran the ball effectively, but at times there were some negative plays, particularly in pass protection, that probably could have helped us. Defensively I thought our guys did a great job just battling, especially because of our numbers.

(Did you purposely go short with a lot of Brohm's throws?)

That's a product of how the game was progressing. The protection at times was not what it needed to be, and so we were just trying to make the offense successful.

(Can you talk about the difference between Brohm tonight and the past few games)

Young quarterbacks - it's a normal curve of development. You want to always see them moving forward, making progress. I think Brian has clearly done that the last two weeks. He's put a lot of individual time into this throughout the offseason, and I think it's starting to pay off for him.

(Did you see much from Nick Barnett?)

Yeah, I watched Nick and Clay (Matthews). I thought they definitely moved very well, but as far as getting off blocks and the fits and everything, we'll take a close look at that on film and so forth. But it was great to have them out there. I mean you definitely felt their presence, and I thought they definitely made an impact when they were on the field.

(How's Underwood?)

He couldn't return to the game. He had a stinger with the second injury, and I think the first one he got the wind knocked out of him, so he did not return.

(Smith came back in after the blow to the head, right?)

That's incorrect. He didn't play in the second half.

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