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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Aug. 17

* (You had the cards out early this week in practice. Can you talk about your approach with that?)*
Our approach this week is to work on a couple of opponents today and then move on to Seattle on Wednesday. So it was just some concepts that we wanted to continue to work throughout training camp a little earlier than we have done in the past. For example, just to get some four-man line work for our offense because we line up against the three-man 'Okie' defense all camp. Just trying to keep some concepts fresh for our division opponents and for our opener.

(Why did Justin Harrell sit out?)
Justin Harrell's back tightened up so we held him from practice today.

(Does that worry you some?)
It's training camp. It happens. He is coming off an injury. We'll see how he feels tonight.

(How has he progressed to this point in camp?)
It has been good. I think he has had a solid camp. This medical hurdle, hopefully he can fully get over it and he can continue to progress. He needs training camp as much as anybody for the amount of time that he has missed. But I thought he had a solid performance against Cleveland. He is definitely a factor when he is in there.

(Is Morgan Burnett still playing at a high level?)
Morgan is doing well. He is a rookie and he is going through some of the normal rookie challenges that they all go through. He has a lot on his plate, particularly at the safety position in our defense. He did some good things in the Cleveland work. Today's work was exclusively working on different game plan-type things where you put things in the meeting and you have to go right out on the field and it will change again today in the afternoon meetings and we'll do it again tonight. This is a very good challenge for him mentally and the rest of our football team, just trying to get into more of a game plan, getting ready to play games a little earlier than we normally have in the past.

(If Blackmon is healthy, how much does he help your secondary depth?)
I had a chance to watch Will out there today. He looks really good in the return game. It was good to have him back there. But Will is definitely a factor at the safety position and the corner position. It's good just to get Will healthy and hopefully we can stack some practices with him.

(Any update on Ryan Grant?)
I'm hopeful he can go tonight. I know he sees the doctor today and hopefully he can go tonight.

(Is the punter spot still one of the better competitions?)
Yes, it's competitive. There are two of them and they both have done a good job. I think Tim has really taken a big step here. He has been very consistent, particularly in his length and his accuracy. I think Chris is very talented, especially the way he handles that football inside the 10-yard line. So it's going to be a competitive next three weeks for those two guys.

(Do you think Blackmon will play in Seattle?)
We'll see. I am more focused on tonight's practice. He has been day-to-day because of his surgery he is coming off of, so we'll see how he feels when he gets up top there.

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