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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Aug. 2

(What do you like about Chillar at outside linebacker?)
Brandon Chillar is definitely a player that has the ability to play a number of different positions. As far as the outside linebacker position, he gives you flexibility, both in the base and the sub packages because he has rush ability. That was something going back to free agency when we acquired him from St. Louis, playing against him his last year in St. Louis, we felt that he was a very good blitzer, a natural and instinctive runner, but also had the ability to play inside. As you know, he has even played strong safety for us in some situations last year. Once again, it's just an opportunity to try to find as many different combinations to keep getting these athletes on the field.

(What were your thoughts on the two-minute drill?)
A good day for the defense the way it ended. It's a teaching time. There are some mechanical things you are trying to accomplish. When do you clock the play, when do you take the timeout, the calls based on the different parts of the field. I was pleased for the first time that we did two-minute at the number of reps and the number of different situations in two-minute that we were able to get on film.

(What was the deciding factor in not bringing in competition for Crosby?)
We have an 80-man roster. You evaluate every position. The kicking position is no different. Our priority in our specialists was with the punters, for good reason. We are confident in Mason's ability as we go forward. The two kicks that he missed, I'll just address that because I'm sure that's the next question. I look at the operation and so forth. He has to make the kicks and we've got to make sure the operation is correct. That's why we're in training camp.

(So is Flynn definitely not going to be the holder?)
There is no definites. We're in training camp. The ideal, as I stated yesterday, is for the punter to be the holder. It's a relationship that best serves the kicker. I think that has been evident throughout this league just from a time commitment standpoint, but we feel fortunate to have Matt Flynn there if we need him.

(Have you been pleased overall with practice so far?)
This is the toughest stretch of training camp. Coaches, you always want things to be perfect, whether it is realistic or not. We were heavy-legged today; I think that was evident, for good reason. Our reps were up this year for the number of things that we are doing because of the emphasis in special teams. I am very aware that we have run our players more at this point of training camp probably going all the way back to maybe my first year. The practices that follow will indicate what we are trying to get done. But I felt it was important these first four days to get as much in in normal down-and-distance, third down and red zone.  I felt like we have accomplished that as far as our workload, but we've definitely got a lot of cleaning up to do. We have a review practice in the morning and that's a good time for it.

(How important is Tauscher for you?)
Mark looks very healthy. You could see that really coming out of the spring. Anytime you come off of a major joint injury, particularly a knee injury, it does take you that full year to get back to where you're feeling comfortable. He looks like his old self out here. I like his conditioning. I think he's having a good camp so far.

(How did Matthews look on the left side and would you like to move him around?)
Clay is a featured rusher in our defense and as many times as we can possibly create targeting problems or identifying issues for the offense, that's all part of it. Clay, like I stated, he's a premier player for us. Our linebacker group is talented, and we're trying to find as many different ways to play those guys as we possibly can.

(Is Chillar more natural on the right side?)
It could be that or for other reasons, based on what you're trying to accomplish with particular group of defensive … what I'm stating is personnel that you have in the game. There's certain things that you're looking for based on Chillar's body type versus maybe Brady's body type on the other side. What we're trying to accomplish on defense will also play into that.

(What do you think of that group with Chillar, Matthews, Bishop and Barnett?)
Very athletic, multiple. They're good run players. They all have coverage ability, and they've all shown the ability to rush the passer.

(Are you concerned that Crosby is 6-of-11 so far?)
I'm not concerned with Mason Crosby.

(Is Newhouse OK?)
Is he OK? I think he's going to be OK. Heat, yeah. Heat issues. I'm getting old I need glasses. I can't even read Pepper's stuff here.

(Any update on Bigby?)
No I haven't. My understanding is he's going to travel tomorrow and he's going to have some more testing done.

(How valuable are the reps Burnett is getting?)
Very valuable. He's getting the full load to be able to make all the calls, all the different adjustments. He's seen probably close to every formation in football already in four practices. Very valuable reps, especially in these long, padded practices. Our practices have been very long by design. Just for him, you watch the mental fatigue and how individuals play through that. This is great experience for him.

(Does Jordy Nelson just continue to grow?)
I tell you what, Jordy Nelson and James Jones, I'm very pleased with those two guys. I thought they had outstanding springs, and they really picked up right where they left off. I think Jordy and James have really stepped up their game.

(How long do they think it is going to be on Starks?)
Hamstrings, it's different for everybody. You can do tests and you can see things on tests, but there's no exact timetable for those hamstring injuries. It's probably a little worse than we initially thought.

(How about Brad Jones?)
Brad's getting better. They felt he was still too locked up from the bruise, so he was held again today.

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