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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Dec. 13


I'll start with the injuries. Daryn Colledge had a knee sprain. He has a chance to be back for this week. Frank Zombo also had a knee sprain. He'll be challenged for this week. His is more significant than Daryn's. Aaron Rodgers, just had a chance to visit with Aaron. He's just getting ready to start to go through the first procedure, first process of the testing and so forth. They had him sleep in this morning, and I just had a chance to visit with him. We'll go through the protocol that we do with all of our players, and we'll probably have a little better update for you Wednesday or Thursday, somewhere in that time frame. With that I'll take your questions.

(What do the doctors say about him having a concussion earlier this season and do you have to be more cautious?)
That's all part of the protocol. I'm not medically rehearsed to sit here and take you through step by step. That's probably better questions for Dr. John Gray. But we're not going to take any chances. No different than on gameday. When it became a question, an issue, was he clear, wasn't he clear, we pulled him immediately. We'll always take the high side of caution in these types of situations.

(What is your assessment of why the offense performed so poorly?)
Offensively we performed poorly, and that starts with me. I did not probably do a good enough job during the course of the week. I did not see any signs in our preparation that led me to believe to be concerned about how we were going to perform. And frankly, the issues were clearly execution. If you go back and look at the tape, I give credit to Detroit and their defense, they did a fine job against us. But from a pure scheme standpoint, they played pretty much their base defense, and it was our guys against your guys, and we did not perform well in the areas of fundamentals. The execution, we had big-play opportunities. We only converted on one of them throughout the game. It was a poor performance by our offense.

(How did Lang do?)
Well, I'm not going to … as always, I haven't corrected it with the offense yet, and frankly, we're going to spend some time together, I promise you, and look at this Detroit film. It was not a very good day for anybody. You can start with me. Detroit's defense did an excellent job. We were outperformed, head coach, play-caller, all the way through.

(Any hope on Jenkins?)
No, Cullen, I would say he would be challenged here probably for at least the next two weeks. He's making progress, but I don't see Cullen being ready this week.

(If you can, will you hold a roster spot for him?)
I am week-to-week. I am looking to see who is ready to play against New England. That is more for Ted and the medical staff. Obviously if we felt that way already, we would have made that move. You are dealing with strains and calf muscles, no different than these knee sprains, there is some projection and it is usually never the same for any two people.

(How did Flynn play?)
Matt did some good things. He did some things that…he could have thrown the ball a little bit better. He missed some throws is probably the biggest criticism you want to have on Matt. But as far as the management, he was productive as far as moving the offense. We didn't help him as far as the run game. The protection was not a positive, but he had an opportunity to make some throws and he made some throws and he missed some throws.

(How do you approach the sliding with the quarterbacks and how do you make sure they do that?)
Well, the quarterbacks are coached to slide, and that's twice now this year Aaron has taken an unnecessary hit and Matt also did the same. But they are also football players. And what's happened here, particularly of late if you go back to the Atlanta game or you go back last week against San Francisco, time and time again we have had a number of second-and-1s and third-and-1s. We have been really emphasizing the stick awareness, but it doesn't count for the guys in the red jerseys at practice and we probably need to do a better job of getting that across because the quarterbacks can't be taking unnecessary hits like that.

(Do you feel you need to have another quarterback up in the option in case Rodgers cannot go?)
That's part of the conversation last night. Ted Thompson and I talked about that on the flight back. We have Graham Harrell here. I think Graham has done an excellent job in his time here and he definitely would be a viable option.

(Is there a chance you would put Aaron through a workout tomorrow?)
Oh, I don't think so. I think really I probably wouldn't have any really concrete information for you until Thursday.

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