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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Dec. 17


(Can you confirm Matt Flynn will be the starting quarterback?)
I'm not going to confirm the starting quarterback at this point. Just as I've stated all week, we're prepared to play the game with Matt Flynn as our starter. We've started that process since Monday. As far as an update on Aaron Rodgers, he's progressing through the medical process. He was able to attend probably three-quarters of the practice today, and he'll continue to work through that process today and tomorrow. I'm hopeful to make a decision by tomorrow, but the door is open for Aaron Rodgers to play in the game. It really comes down to two things. No. 1, he has to be cleared medically, and Dr. John Gray will have the final say on that. And if he does make it to that point, then myself will make a decision on whether he plays or not. Right now he's still working through the medical part.

(Do you make that decision before you get on the plane?)
There's not a written script for this. The goal as I stated Monday, Wednesday and Thursday would be to make a decision by Saturday. But with the late start Sunday, we can leave the door open for that.

(Is he going to make the trip regardless?)
Aaron Rodgers? Yes, he'll be on the trip.

(Is there something you can do, a better helmet for protection?)
We've actually changed his helmet, so he'll be wearing a new helmet from this time moving forward.

(What are the differences with that helmet?)
I couldn't answer that question. That would be a question for Red Batty.

(How's Zombo?)
Frank, he has not practiced. He's made a lot of progress in the training room. Walden will be the starter. But as far as Frank's opportunity to play this week, it's doubtful, headed to out.

(Has Aaron done his conditioning test yet?)
He's working his way through the process. I really don't want to get into specifics of that. There are stages that you work through. If you're educated on it, that's great. This is really a standard policy as far as the details. If Aaron wants to share the step-by-step process that he's going through, that's fine. But he's making progress, and I talked to him today. He looks good, would like to play. But once again, him and Dr. John Gray are working through this, and until he's cleared medically, then it comes to me.

(How was Colledge today?)
I thought he practiced well. I fully anticipate Daryn to play and start in the game unless there's a setback here in the next 48 hours.

(Did Aaron attend meetings today?)
The beginning of it, but he was excused for his participation, as far as what they had scheduled for him today.

(How about Thursday?)
Did not on Thursday.

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