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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Dec. 24


(Where are you at outside linebacker with Walden and Briggs questionable and Zombo doubtful?)
The outside linebacker position, really the next 48 hours is important. Frank Zombo tried to go today, it didn't work out very well. That's why he is doubtful. The work of Erik Walden, I thought that looked positive, and we'll see how he feels in the morning coming off the quad bruise. And Briggs' durability is a concern too. Those are answers that will probably go all the way up to gametime.

(Would you put Francois outside?)
He has worked both inside and outside this week.

(Could you make a roster move? You still have the third quarterback on the roster.)
We've talked about a potential roster move all week. We still have that as an option.

(How do you juggle Christmas with work, giving guys time to spend with their families when this is such an important game?)
I think it's important to always have the ability to separate anything significant in your personal life and what's important professionally. We've been able to put together a very favorable schedule. We're actually going to spend a little more time today with the players, so they'll get out of here later than they normally do on a Friday, which will give them the ability to be with their families tonight for Christmas Eve and be with their families tomorrow morning throughout Christmas (day). So we've basically taken our schedule and split it up between today and tomorrow night. We'll spend a lot more time together at the hotel tomorrow night. Our time frame as far as our preparation for this game is exactly the same as it was last week. We've just moved around the holiday because obviously with the significance of family first and an opportunity for everybody to be with their family.

(Has the focus been good with the holiday?)
Absolutely. The energy, in my opinion the energy is always very high this week. That's something that you need to tap into. We have. I like the quality of work we've had Wednesday, Thursday and just coming off the field today, I felt the practice was good. We'll watch the tape here at 1 o'clock with the players. Definitely everybody fully understands the importance of this game. It's a playoff game, and that's our mindset. As I stated Monday, we addressed it in the locker room Sunday night after the New England game. We're on course to have a good week of preparation. We'll do the things needed here down the stretch, and we'll be ready to go when we kick the ball off Sunday afternoon.

(Are you optimistic about Nick Collins' chances?)
Yes I am. Nick had a minor setback today, but just knowing Nick and his history, I fully anticipate him to play, unless he goes the other direction here in the next 48 hours.

(He's played through a lot before and he's a pretty tough guy, isn't he?)
Absolutely, and that's what I'm referring to as far as his history. Nick has played through a number of injuries throughout the year. He is a tough guy, and I know he wants to be out there Sunday.

(Why is that with certain guys? Daryn has played through a lot before too, Nick. Why is that?)
I think it says a lot about the individual. Certain people can play through more than others. I think it's a big part of this business. You go back to the building stones of your program, and I go back to the first meeting I had with the football team. The availability and the accountability of every individual will be very important in your time here, and we've had a lot of players here that have been available. You talk about Daryn, you talk about Nick, the way they fight and scratch to get back on the field. They don't miss games.

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