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Mike McCarthy Press Conf. Transcript - Dec. 30


(How concerned are you with Sam?)
Sam Shields' injury, we really haven't been through anything like this with Sam. I don't have a very high concern level, just based on the communication with Sam and the medical staff. We'll see how he goes through the treatment today, and he'll be re-evaluated in the morning. He'll potentially practice. He seems very positive about it.

(If he doesn't practice, given the limited experience he has, would you still be comfortable playing him?)
Let's talk about that tomorrow. That's something that I really want to see what comes out of his evaluation with Dr. McKenzie.

(Have the doctors been able to pinpoint what happened? It seems he doesn't even know.)
It flared up on him I want to say in the weight room Monday or Tuesday, and he was the first player in Wednesday morning for treatment and evaluations. I think he's going to be fine, to be honest with you. We'll just play it day by day.

(If he can't go, would Pat Lee be your kickoff returner?)
We've been operating with a number of players back there at the kickoff return. Jordy Nelson, Patrick Lee, James Starks. I think Sam is really on the verge of doing some big things back there so I want to see how he does tomorrow.

(With Korey Hall out, will Starks be up?)
He'll have a good chance. James Starks has a very good opportunity to be up this week. James is just a young player. He missed a lot of practice time. Works hard. Obviously gifted, and we have him working with both the special teams and he's been getting some offensive reps.

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